Terrik was a Romulan living in the 24th century. He served as captain of the IRW Chairo.

In 2378, he took the Chairo and IRW T’awsun to the Vesuvi Dust Cloud to investigate the disappearance of another warbird. After finding the USS Sovereign by the warbird, now a derelict, he assumed Starfleet was responsible and attacked the Sovereign. The Chairo and T’awsun were able to push the Sovereign out of the dust cloud.

Later, Terrik found himself under attack by Cardassian forces. With the T’awsun destroyed and the Chairo in a desperate situation, the Sovereign luckily passed the area on patrol and entered the battle. With the Cardassians defeated, Terrik gratefully admitted to misjudging the Federation.

Terrik was later tasked with delivering a Romulan ambassador to Lyra Station to work with the Federation and Klingon Empire in light of Cardassian aggression in the Maelstrom area. While waiting in orbit, Terrik got into a verbal altercation with Korbus of the IKS JonKa, which quickly escalated to a mild skirmish which had to be defused by the Sovereign. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

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