The Territorial Compromise was a treaty that was written in the year 2050 that was created to settle a dispute between the Vulcan and Andorian governments over the planet known to the Vulcans as Paan Mokar, and to the Andorians as Weytahn.

The document was 1,200 words in length and took eight years to write as a compromise between the Vulcan High Command and the Andorian Empire to help define who controlled the disputed planetoid.

Despite being agreed upon by both parties, the Andorians felt that the "compromise" was simply 100 years of oppression made by the Vulcans which began when they annexed the planet and sent Andorian citizens into refugee camps.

The fate of the Territorial Compromise finally came to an end in 2152 when the dispute over the planet came once again between the two races. Commander Shran agreed to release his prisoners following the immediate withdrawal of all Vulcan military forces from the world as well as ceding the planet to the Andorian government. This was agreed and Weytahn was conceded to Andoria. (ENT episode: "Cease Fire")

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