The tetryon pulse disruptor in 2376.

The tetryon pulse disruptor (otherwise known as the tetryon disruptor) is a Hirogen rapid-fire directed energy weapon, which uses disruptor technology to fire energy composed of tetryon particles.

A weapon of this type was wielded by a Alpha Hirogen that had been stalking Crewman Thomas Odell and Ensign Alexander Munro at the Scavenger base of operations during the USS Voyager Hazard Team's isodesium extraction mission.

The weapon was mounted on a barrel which fired green bursts of energy at a rapid rate, which allowed the user to 'pepper' their enemies with either single bolts or a stream of smaller bolts which had a reduced range capability. The weapon made use of loaded ammunition and did not possess a recharge cycle. An alternate firing mode on the weapon allowed for the magnetic constraint of the discharged energy pulses, resulting in a round of the weapon having the ability to "bounce" off a wall and proceed in the corresponding direction. (VOY video game: Elite Force)

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