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Tezwans are a feathered humanoid race native to the planet Tezwa. Tezwans' eyes had irises that were not round.


The official flag of Tezwa was red and gold.

The Tezwan military served as a police force until after Prime Minister Kinchawn went into exile and the Federation assumed joint leadership of the planet with Bilok, after which USS Enterprise-E security chief Christine Vale helped train civilian peace keeping forces.

Tezwans are known to revere authority figures; this was evident when Kinchawn was deposed, but loyal military personnel such as Generals Gyero Minza and Erokene Yaelon continued to follow his orders even though he was no longer in a position of responsibility to command the military. (TNG - A Time to... novels: A Time to Kill, A Time to Heal)

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Known Tezwans[]