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Thak was a Gorn physician in the 23rd century.

In 2282 Thak was assigned to Gorn outpost on a class M planetoid that the Gorn used to train young warriors. In that year a Federation shuttlecraft crashed on the planet and the outpost's commander had Thak join a rescue party to render aid to the survivors.

Unfortunately the Starfleet personnel misinterpreted the group of Gorn as a war party, so when Thak approached one of the Humans he was shot in the chest. The Starfleet personnel quickly realized their error once they examined Thak's medical equipment and took Thak back to their shuttlecraft to try and treat his wound. Meanwhile, the Gorn, surprised and infuriated by the unprovoked attack on their physician, prepared to attack the Humans.

In the shuttle the Starfleet physician, Doctor Bianca Wilder, attempted to treat Thak's wounds, running his equipment through the universal translator to try and find a suitable treatment for his alien physiology.

As the war party encroached on the shuttle Thak regained consciousness and made himself known to the Gorn's leader, General Rellk, explaining the situation and preventing the attack. With the situation ironed out the Starfleet and Gorn personnel got along amicably as the Humans awaited the arrival of their starship to retrieve them. (TOS comic: "Alien Spotlight: The Gorn")