Si Cwan Blair

Si Cwan, a Thallonian male.

The Thallonians were a humanoid species native to the planet Thallon located in the Beta Quadrant. For centuries, the Thallonians were the dominant species in the Thallonian Empire which controlled much of Sector 221-G. Following the collapse of the Empire and destruction of Thallon in 2373, the Thallonians were forced to become refugees, seeking homes with their former subjects until the establishment of the New Thallonian Protectorate on the planet New Thallon circa 2378. (NF novels: House of Cards, End Game, After the Fall) They are a dark red skinned people with protruding brows, small eyes and arched eyebrows.

Some Thallonians had joined Starfleet by 2377, such as Jang Si Naran, who serves aboard Deep Space 9. (DS9 novel: Warpath)

The Thallonians are referred to as The New Ones by the Priatians. Among their people, dreams could be indicators of prescience, and they should be studied for the slightest hint of what they may reveal about the future. (NF novel: After the Fall)

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