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A planet of ice.
A people of fire.
A passion for space.
The Andorians.
The Andorians have always been something of a paradox; a mystery at the heart of the Federation. Now learn the codes of Andorian honor, ancient ways of behavior enforced at knife point and exalted in song. Walk the glacier paths and fly above the towering moraines on ice-blue Andoria. Pilot the sleek, powerful ships of the Andorian Free Trader fleet, or serve proudly on the all-Andorian starship, the U.S.S. Eagle. (You'll learn how to say "Eagle" in Andorian, as well.) Among the Clans contains detailed information on the history, planetology, and geography of Andoria and a guide to their colony worlds across the Andor sector.
  • Among the Clans is part of Last Unicorn's Alien Intelligence line of products. While written for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, it includes material applicable to the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Games, as well.
  • A complete timeline of Andorian history - including coverage of Andoria in the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Eight system templates, plus a complete planet writeup for the Andorian homeworld.
  • Total coverage of Andoria's geography and ecology from pole to pole, including five fully-stated new Andorian creatures.
  • Seven ready-to-run Andorian Supporting Cast characters, each one an episode in himself.
  • Guidelines for creating and playing Andorian characters, including 15 new overlays and 22 new clan-based early life packages, plus new background histories, skills, advantages, and disadvantages.
  • All-new Andorian martial arts, weapons, and dueling codes.
  • Seven fully-statted new ships, including the front line anti-piracy ships of the Imperial Guard, and the all-Andorian U.S.S. Eagle.

With Among the Clans, your Andorian characters will come alive -- and their enemies will hate you for it!



Ankord of JonavaUshilev AthrunBorvaKrotusLor'VelaUmarinDouglas BellShras EndilevWayne WiltshirePhell'nun EndilevTharanDegrasTivra IvariUmarev IvariGaalen PoltIgrilan KorGethurel LokecLelva AthrunMeveleth G'PhovGolav MahthEmini MomedJaro M'vatti

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Earth and FederationEdit

USS ChallengerUSS ChathamUSS ConstitutionUSS Eagle (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • USS LexingtonUSS Luna CityUSS Nez Perce (scout) • USS Vashak


New Andoria (warp ship) • Lor'Vela (warp ship) • ASC Thelanikirak (Umarev-class surveyor) • ASC Umarev (Umarev-class surveyor) • ASC Elshani'hanASC MhorothASC ShalakaiASC Thris (Thris-class research vessel) • ASC Amdaroth (Thris-class research vessel) • ASC Gilinir (Thris-class research vessel) • ASC Shraa'jath (Thris-class research vessel) • Polt's Legacy (cargo freighter) • USS Lor'TanHrisith (Tishratin-class fighter) • ADS Atlira (Atlira-class escort) • ADS Gar'Lev (Atlira-class escort) • ADS Khorval (Atlira-class escort) • ADS Tel'ath (Atlira-class escort) • ADS Hristish (Hristish-class warp shuttle) • ADS Artorev (Hristish-class warp shuttle) • ADS Ga'roth (Hristish-class warp shuttle) • Omtil-class


Planetary locationsEdit

La'Vor SeaDavis StarportIssa Ice CapLa'Len OceanKul'TanJonavaClorisevDeshnaVoralLa'Len's TrailJonava MountainsEmarnl LakeBorva CastleUcalni FieldNew SherasTavda MountainsTratlen RidgeEndas MountainsNeshilev Settlement ProjectDiraLor'Tan StraitAnshim OceanDeshna ColiseumIcari Launch SiteSherasTlanek Ice CapTharan MountainsKa'ThelaTharaDharaAgranaKul'SunIrinariOnshomaMar'itLake ThalassaBo'abDharan UplandsLor'VelaLor'Vela's VillageRhi RuinsL'UvanTarskLi-Mi'shaEnessi MountainsGhuthaBevassa MountainsUskitInik YoruIrinariLor'TanChekthora

Outposts and stationsEdit

Starbase 7

Planets and planetoidsEdit

Kastra (Andoria I) • Kuy'Thela (Andoria II) • Andron (Andoria III) • Brok'va (Andoria IV) • Andoria (Andoria V) • Kul'va (Andoria VI) • Kazaan (Andoria VII)

Stars and star systemsEdit

Kuy'va (Andorian system)

Stellar regionsEdit

Andor sectorCimera systemEjul ThelniMenk systemQuardisSector 38GThalassa systemTrilith systemUshilev NebulaVorna system

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Andorian Imperial GuardFederation StarfleetAndorian EmpireUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weaponsEdit

warp drivechakadosalnarhrisalkal'hristishrulvarchuk

Other referencesEdit

190620832264Earth-Romulan Warolithglikar'maahleeshkorelathmakragopapreshavaatlirithAm Talengorucanya • "Giant Steps: A Chronicle of the Andorian Space Age" (2266) • "Let's Find Out About Andorians" (2265) • Tiger Scholastic MediaFederation Life Magazine • "Ghalev: A Novel of Andoria" (2253) • "LoMova Ka-Tra FedRaS'n" ("The Federation: From Outside") • "The Journal of the Henle Academy of the Arts" (c. 2269) • "Bakno UmorKaa" ("Trouble in Paradise")


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