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The Ashes of Eden is a Star Trek novel by William Shatner (with collaboration with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens credited in the acknowledgments). It was published in June 1995, the first book in Pocket Books' series of Shatner novels, and first of two books in Shatner's cycle of stories to take place primarily in the 23rd century (with the other being Academy: Collision Course, a prequel). This is also the only original Star Trek novel to date to have been adapted as a comic story, by DC Comics as a prestige format squarebound graphic novel edition. Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens were credited along with Shatner for scripting the comic version.


For almost three decades, millions of television viewers and moviegoers around the world have thrilled to the exciting adventures of the most successful science fiction creation of all time—Star Trek. And during all that time, William Shatner has portrayed Star Trek's most dynamic hero—Captain James Tiberius Kirk, a gallant commander of the legendary starship Enterprise and her crew.
Now William Shatner brings his unique blend of talents as an actor, writer, director, and producer, as well as bestselling author and creator of the acclaimed TekWar novels and television series, to tell the story only he can, of Captain Kirk's greatest adventure.
The time—six months prior to the launch of the USS Enterprise-B and the tragic loss of Captain James T. Kirk in deep space.
The place—Earth, where the galaxy's most renowned hero must now face the spectre of retirement and a life devoid of challenge and excitement.
But in the apparent twilight of his career, Kirk's path takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious young woman offers him an irresistible adventure—a perilous voyage to an uncharted planet where he will confront the ultimate threat to the fragile peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and the ultimate temptation—a chance to actually recapture his youth.
Turning his back on his friends, Spock and McCoy, and hunted by Captain Sulu's USS Excelsior, Kirk soon stands alone as defender of a world of incredible vitality and sensual beauty where he must choose between conquering the gravest challenge of his career, or surrendering to the greatest passion of his life.
What arises from The Ashes of Eden is no less that a new understanding of one of science fiction's greatest heroes, and one of the most gripping—and personal—Star Trek stories ever told.


Spock is on the mountain where Kirk was buried by Captain Picard. Sitting , begins to reminisce about the final adventure of James T. Kirk before being lost on the maiden voyage of the Enterprise-B.

The memory starts out with Kirk running a holo simulation trial for Starfleet Technicians in the Cochrane Physics Hall of Starfleet Academy. The simulation was of one of Kirk's earlier missions dating back to when he was a Lieutenant on the Farragut. Beamed down to Tycho IV, Lt. Kirk and the away team including Androvar Drake, Weapons officer Faith Morgan and Ensign Galt are being hunted by a Dikironium cloud creature that feeds off of the corpuscles of iron-based blood until its victims have died. So far Faith Morgan and Ensign Galt have both died leaving only Drake and Kirk on the surface. On the Farragut, Captain Garrovick orders Kirk to provide the coordinates for a phaser barrage to take out the being. Providing the coordinates to his captain, the Farragut fires her phasers at the beast. Attracting the attention of the beast, it goes into orbit and destroys the ship before coming back down to finish of the away team.

excerpt: Drake laughed beside Kirk. "Great instincts, Jimbo. See you in Hell"

With that, Jim ends the holo simulation and returns to the real world. While speakings with the Techs about the HoloSuit he wore for the simulation, the Techs question Kirk on his exploits and refer to Kirk as a hero. Jim states that he was just doing his job, but the techs don't understand the statement and continue with their hero worship. More than anything Kirk is annoyed with the hero worship but humors them up to a point. He feels frustrated, a "Starship Captain without a Starship" as well as trapped with nowhere to go.

Later on in the evening, Kirk is at Carol Marcus's place in San Francisco drinking scotch and watching a thundershower. He feels the pull of the Enterprise-A up in Spacedock, The need to take her out one more time. More than anything Jim is feeling his age, and the need to do something, anything. Again Kirk begins to feel his age, he feels old. Carol approaches and questions him on the Kirk Farm, they place where Jim grew up. Advocates handling his parents estate wanted him to make the final decision, as to what he should do with the property. In the end, he and Carol get into an argument and Jim returns to drinking and watching the thundershower.

During this time, Chekov and Uhura are on a old space station: Dark Range Platform. Chekov and Uhura's mission is to find Klingon arms dealers who are willing to sell K'tinga-class cruisers. The Two pose as two ex-Starfleet officers, Chekov being the one who was drummed out of Starfleet by punching an Admiral in the face.



Pavel Chekov/Martin ArkadyCurtisAndrovar DrakeAriadne Drake/JadeEsysGaltJames T. KirkKortKrultCarol MarcusDavid MarcusLeonard McCoyFaith MorganArex Na EthRa-ghoratreiiJanice RandWilliam T. RikerMontgomery ScottSpock/SarinHikaru SuluTeilaniTorlNyota Uhura/Ja'nette Marratinunnamed Andoriansunnamed Klingons
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AdonaisApolloAzetburCartwrightChangBonnie Prince CharlieLiviana CharvanekZefram CochraneFrank DavisDeelaDevilElaanStephen GarrovickGodPhillip GreenJohn HarrimanIcarusKahless the UnforgettableKelindaAlexander KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.George Samuel Kirk, Sr.Julius KirkPeter KirkWinona KirkMiramaneeGary MitchellMolorMontgolfier brothersMarlena MoreauOdonaChristopher PikeShahnaSurakJocelyn TreadwayV'GerPatrick West

Starships and vehicles

antigrav carcargo shuttleUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class, Enterprise-subclass) • USS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • flying carGolden Hind NCC-10019/1groundcarhover truck (truck) • K'tinga-class (battle cruiser) • Romulan bird-of-prey (bird-of-prey) • sail boatshuttlecraftTellarite ore shuttleTholian starcruiser (Emerald-class) • Vulcan warp shuttleworkbeeyacht
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SS BonaventureUSS Constitution (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-BUSS Enterprise-DUSS Farragut (Constitution-class) • gunboatimpulse linerMann-classMarshall-classChR MemendaPathfinderStarfleet hospital ship


Andromeda Galaxythe galaxyGarden of EdenHeavenHellKalinora sectorKlingon-Romulan Frontiermirror universeOld RegionsRomulan Neutral ZoneSector 001

Shipboard areas

bridgebriefing roombrigbulkheadcargo baycommunicationscommunications stationcorridordocking bayengineeringenvironmental stationhanger bayhelmholding cellhullJefferies tubequarterssaucer sectionscience stationsickbaystateroomtransporter room

Stations and outposts

Dark Range Platform (cargo bay 12) • SpacedockStarfleet Headquarters (Great Hall)

Planetary locales

The ArmoryCamp KhitomerMount SeleyaPlains of GolTranquility Base
CaliforniaCochrane Physics HallEiffel TowerFranceGolden Gate BridgeIowaNorth AmericaPacific OceanParisPresidioPublic Communications HubRiversideRomeSan FranciscoSan Francisco TravelportSouthern United StatesStarfleet HeadquartersStarfleet Holographic Test SuiteVulcan Embassy

Stars and systems

Chal systemDelstinDenebKappa FornacisPrestorSol (Sol system) • Tycho Prime (Tycho system)

Planets and planetoids

AmerindChalDelstin VIIIDeneb VDenevaEarthGenesis PlanetGideonKhitomerLunaMarsPollux IVPraxisPrestor VTarsus IVTriskelionTroyiusTycho IVVeridian IIIVeridian IVVulcan

Races and cultures

AndorianChalchaj'qmeyEfrosianHuman (ScottishTerran) • KlingonRomulanTellariteVulcan
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States and organizations

AmishAnarchistsBureau of Weather ManagementCentury 24Federation CouncilFederation Protocol OfficeFirst FederationGenesis Investigation CommitteeImperial ForecastersIntelligence OversightKlingon EmpireKlingon Empire NavyKlingon High CouncilKlingon Strategic Operations BureauLunar PhilharmonicMartian ColoniesProject GenesisProject Rising StarRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Diplomatic Corps

Science and classification

air pumpair purifieralternate timelineantennaantigrav generatorantigrav gymantimatter containment bottleantimatter podartificial gravityatmosphereautonomic self-controlautonomic systembatterybinary sunbiological warfareblack holeblast shieldbombbooby trapbraincancercargo transportercarotidarterycentimeterchronographcloaking deviceclonecocooncombat tricordercommand chaircomm imagercomm systemcommunicatorcomputercomputer netcomputer waferconsole speakercredit waferdata chipdata conduitdatabankdeck platedeflector shielddisruptordisruptor cannondisruptor celldisruptor pistoldoomsday weapondrug-delivery inhalerdrydockeardrumemergency lightemitter nodeencounter helmetencounter suitenergyenergy meshengineenvironmental domeenvironmental suitevolutionfabric sealerfeedback bootfeedback webflood lightfluctuation feedbackforce fieldforce field emitterfusion bombg-forcegalaxyGenesis Devicegenetic engineeringgravitygravity generatorgrillegunhand disruptorheadlightheartholoenvironment encounter righologramholographic environment simulatorholographic projectorholoprojectionhoofhourhourglasshyper-accelerationhyposprayicebergID packetID waferimpeller fanimpulse engineimpulse thrusterinertial damperinitializing matrixintervalve couplingion trailionizationionospherekaleidoscopeKelvinkilogramkilometerlaserlaser cannonlaser pistollaser riflelibrary computerlifeformlife-support chairlife support spherelight-yearlock platelungmagnetic bootsmaneuvering rocketmaneuvering thrusterMark VIII photon torpedomatter-antimatter reactormedical scannermedical tricordermedkitmessage buoymetermicroexplosive projectilemicrogravitymicroscalpelmind sifterminutenovaorbitparticle beamparticle etching beamphaserphaser bankphaser pistolphoton torpedophoton tubepistolplanetary defense systemplasma gunplasma jetpower cellpower generatorpower groupingprojectile weaponpropulsion carriageprotobombprotoplaserquantum probability waveradiation shieldrainrainbowreaderrecordingrecyclingriflerocketscannerscanning mechanismsecondsecurity fieldsecurity screensensorsensor arraysensor gridsensor webservo drivershield augmentershieldsslowgunsmart cannonspacespace stationspacecraftspacedockspotlightstarstar systemstarbasestarshipstatus indicatorstreet lightsubsonic fieldsubspacesubspace jammertactical scannertailpipetemporal phase shifttemporal slingshot maneuverthrustertimetornadotorpedotorpedo launchertractor beamtractor enhancertransmittertransplanttransportertransporter coiltransporter phase coiltransporter shieldtricorderturbolifttype-1 phasertype-2 phaseruniversal translatoruniverseveterinary scienceviewing domeviewportviewscreenvisual input encodervoiceprint identificationvolcanowarp corewarp drivewarp factorwarp generatorwarp nacellewarp pulsewarp signature

Materials and energies

adrenalineantimatteratombloodbonebrickcanvascarbonchemicalchemical cleanserclothcob webcoppercrystaldikironiumdilithiumdioramiumDNAdrugduraniumelectricexplosivefabricfeatherfirefurgasgauzeglassiteglasshairiceice cubekevaleatherlightningliquidmahoganymattermedicinemetalmudoreoxygenozonepacking foampaintpaperphotonplasmaplasma bridgeplasterplasticpoisonpolycretepropellantprotomatterquartzradiationrocksandsapphiresatinscalesilksoilsolidspiderwebstimulantstrawsubatomic particlesulfurswabTellarite ceremonial mudterry-clothtiletrilliumwood

Food and drink

brandycoffeedessertegglicoricemint julepPrestor beer (beer) • rationRomulan ale (ale) • scotchspiceteawater


alienanimalbearbirdcattlechestnut treecicadadikironium cloud creaturegaghfireflyfishflowerhayhorsehumanoidjackrabbitmugatonightfeederpredatorratspidertribblevulturewatch dragonworm

Ranks and titles

Federation Starfleet ranks (2240s-2260s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2270s-2350s)admiralambassadorarms dealerartistathletebankerbartendercadetcaptainChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechiefchief engineerchief of operationscolonelcommandercommander-in-chiefCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcommunications officerconcert pianistcopilotdata keeperdeputy chief in security servicesdignitarydiplomatdockmasterdoctorDohlmandrill thrallengineerensignfarmerfleet admiralFourth World Mercenarygeneralhelmsmanlieutenantmercenarymeteorologistmidshipmanmolecular biologistnavigatorofficerpoliticianpilotpoetpolicepresidentPresident of the United Federation of Planetspriestessqueensailorscience officerscientistsenior officersmugglersoldiersports starspysurgeontechniciantransporter techwarriorweapons officeryeoman

Other references

20th century21st century23rd centuryalmanacAmish rockeranarchyanteroomapartmentapronarchipelagoarm chairarmoryartassassinationatticbankbanquetbarnbasementbathrobebatonbattle codebattle flagbeltbirthdayblanketbomb shelterbookbookcasebookletbootbridlecamouflagecapital citycargo bedcargo palletcarpetcathedralcavecellarcenturyceremonial daggerchain mailchesscitycloakclothingCode Onecoincolonycombat armorcourt martialcradlecreditCrimson LevelcurrencydaggerdancedatacasedayDeath Poem of Molordeath rattledecadedecommissioning ceremonydemeritDeneb V Credit Exchangedress armordress uniformdrinkemotionempathyencryption codefairyfarmFederation-Klingon Cold WarFederation Standardfireplaceflagflight helmetflight hoodflight jacketfloodgatefoodfood kioskfreeze-dried stomachFrench languagefuneralGeneral Order 104, Section CgenocideghostgiantglovegovernmentgowngraveGreek godhailhalohay balehelmethistoryholidayholsterhomeworldhonor guardhotelinsigniaIron MaidenjacketJadejumpsuitkettlekissKlingon languageknifeKobayashi Maru scenariolaboratoryladderlanding padlanding partylanguagelivestocklogicmagicmannequinmarathonmartial artsmeditationmilitarymodular cargo cratemoneymonthmoonmosaicmountainmunitions dumpThe Muralmuseummusicmutinyorchestrapaintingpen knifephoto printpiracyplanetplaqueplaygroundpoempoetryporchpower stationPrime DirectiveprotectoratepuppetpylonQIghpejquadrantrankrank insigniaration bookletreclamation teamred alertregistryreinsresortrobeRomulan languageropeRussian languagesaddlesal-tor-feeschoolscienceSeal of the Federationsectorseymott bladeshieldship commissioningSirenskeleton crewsmugglingsniftersolitary confinementspaceportspring knifestadiumstardateStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2240s-2265)Starfleet uniform (2278-2350s)statuesuicidesummerswordTalontarmactechnologyTellarite mud bathterrorismtest tubetextbookthimblethundertickettitletransmitting stationtreatytunicuniformVulcan languageVulcan nerve pinchwarehousewar gamewatchtowerweaponWorld War IIIyear


Kirk and Drake enter Academy as part of the same class.
The Klingons and Romulans establish a joint colony on Chal.
Carol Marcus informs Kirk that she doesn't want him to be a part of their son David's life.
Kirk considers retirement as Drake assumes command of the admiralty.
Spock reflects on the loss of his friend on Veridian III.


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