The Assassination of Ambassador Garak was a key political and cultural moment on Cardassia Prime in late August 2385. After having met with the Castellan of the Cardassian Union Rakena Garan, Ambassador Elim Garak left the Castellan's offices and got into his skimmer car. Their meeting had been raucous, as it concerned claims by conservative Cardassians of having murdered Federation President Nanietta Bacco. Garak realised that Garan already knew this claim, and was shocked. They ended the meeting in acrimony. In his skimmer, Garak proceeded to send a message to Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-E, which was in orbit of Cardassia Prime at that time. After sending the message, fifteen 'heartbeats' later his car exploded. Following the bombing, the conservative firebrand politician Evek Temet used the moment to further his political ascendency. He would pointedly say on the newscasts:

'It's a tragedy that a man like this could not move safely around out capital. More than a tragedy - an outrage. What was being done to protect him? How could his death be allowed to happen? The city constabulary, and perhaps the castellan herself, have some questions to answer....'
The bombing resulted in the fall of the Federation-friendly director of the City Constabulary, Reta Kalanis, who was perceived as allowing a dangerous political climate to occur. This seemed to be a prelude to Temet's expected defeat of Castellan Garan in the upcoming election. However subsequently it came to light that Garak had informed Cardassian Intelligence Bureau Director Prynok Crell of his fears for his life, and Crell 'was not able to offer evidence of having taken the threats sufficiently seriously', and eventually resigned from his position. Kalanis was therefore vindicated, and the change of winds resulted in her being appointed Crell's successor.

In truth, Ambassador Garak survived the bombing along with his bodyguards. They had been beamed from his skimmer by Picard to the HARF compound in Cardassia City. Garak revealed the truth of his survival to the public after confronting Castellan Garan. Having convinced Garan to step aside, she publically did. After this Temet attempted ot seize the initiative, proclaiming his candidacy. However Garak conducted an interview with Ista Nemeny and Edek Mayrat in which he announced his candidacy, and the experienced Ambassador subsequently won the election in September that year. (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow)

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