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"Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship because while you're there, you can make a difference." – James T. Kirk, 2371
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk chronicles the greatest Starfleet captain's life (22332371), in his own words. From his birth on the USS Kelvin, his youth spent on Tarsus IV, his time in the Starfleet Academy, his meteoric rise through the ranks of Starfleet, and his illustrious career at the helm of the Enterprise, this in-world memoir uncovers Captain Kirk in a way Star Trek fans have never seen.
Kirk's singular voice rings throughout the text, giving insight into his convictions, his bravery, and his commitment to the life – in all forms – throughout this Galaxy and beyond. Excerpts from his personal correspondence, captain's logs, and more give Kirk's personal narrative further depth.



Robert AprilChristine BlackLance CartwrightRuth CartwrightPavel ChekovChenCotoJames DavisMatthew DeckerBen FinneyJamie FinneyNaomi FinneyStephen Garrovick (I)David GarrovickJohn GillGriffinHoward KaplanEdith KeelerLee KelsoKotaro KimuraGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.George Samuel Kirk, Sr.James T. KirkJoshua KirkSteven KirkTiberius KirkWinona KirkArnold KodosBarbara LeightonRod LeightonThomas LeightonGeorge MalloryCarol MarcusDavid MarcusAngela MartineTravis MayweatherLeonard McCoyMetlayGary MitchellHarry MorrowHeihachiro NoguraChristopher PikeMark PiperPressPeter PrestonSaavikSarekSpockL.T. StoneStrongHikaru SuluMinka SussmanTichenorRobert TomlinsonRonald TraceyTyreeNyota UhuraOliver WestYitae
Referenced only
Isaac CodyWilliam F. CodyDrusillaEugenioWendy FelsonFranklin KirkJoanna McCoyMelakonBrunhilde Ann MilanoRichard RobauWilliam Smillie

Starships and vehicles

HMS Bounty (Klingon bird-of-prey) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-A (Constitution II-class) • GalileoUSS HotspurUSS KelvinUSS Los AngelesUSS Patton


Alpha QuadrantEarthIowaRiversideStarbase 8Tarsus IVUnited States of AmericaYellowstone National ParkYosemite National Park

Races and cultures

Human (Sioux) • TellariteVulcanLegaran

States and organizations

Hill PeopleStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets

Ranks and titles

captaincargo officerchiefcommandercrewmandoctorfirst officerinstructorKahn-ut-tunurseofficerpilotscience officerwitch doctor

Science and classification

animalastrobiologybloodbonecommunicationscommunicatorcomputereggfiregasGuardian of Foreverhairoilorbitphaserphaser bank emitterpoisonsatelliteshuttlesnowspacespaceshipstarbasestarshiptricorderuniversal translator

Other references

184319th century20th century2206223022332242alcoholarrowbeanbowcattlecavecheesechickenChristianitycitycolonycorndaydikironium cloud creaturedogdrumfarmfireflygodGreat Bird of the GalaxyhorseknifemilkmoneymugatoplanetPrime Directivered alertriverrodentrootStarfleet Medal of HonorStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)tobaccotreeweaponwoodyearzinc


  • 1930 - Kirk, Spock and McCoy travel through the Guardian of Forever and meet Edith Keeler (events referenced in the prologue)


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