The Battle at San-Tarah was a Klingon opera composed by Reshtarc in 2376, depicting the events surrounding the IKS Gorkon's first contact with the Children of San-Tarah of the planet San-Tarah, and the ensuing conflict between Captain Klag and General Talak.

The opera was first performed on Ty'Gokor in late 2376, and a month later, was staged at the opera house in the Baldi'maj District of the city of Krennla on Qo'noS. It was directed by Konn, choreographed by Krelk, and featured Klivv in the role of Klag, Kenni in the role of Talak, Gowrik as Me-Larr, and Lakras as a chorus member.

Bekk G'joth of the Gorkon was hired as a consultant; however, his input was largely dismissed due to artistic considerations. As such, a number of historical inaccuracies were included in the production, most notably the presence of the late Commander Tereth as Klag's first officer (and love interest), rather than Kornan.

The opening performance was attended by several high-ranked individuals, including Chancellor Martok, Ambassador Worf, Councillor Grevaq, the artist Danqo, and Jo'Krat. Also in attendance was Captain Klag himself, with his par'Mach'kai, B'Oraq. The performance was generally well received. (KE novel: A Burning House)

The actual events at San-Tarah were depicted in the GKN novels A Good Day to Die and Honor Bound.
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