The Black Hole was a 13-panel Star Trek: The Original Series comic strip, the second of two released by Larami Corporation in 1979. The story was printed on a narrow spool of paper and read by loading it into a Star Trek Space Viewer toy. In this story, the USS Enterprise intercepts a black hole.

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Omnibus teaser
When a "runaway black hole" threatens the entire galaxy, the Enterprise crew flies around it at warp 12 to create a vacuum, drags away the singularity and fires photon missiles to destroy it.


The USS Enterprise is assigned to divert the course of a rogue black hole currently traveling between a star and its planet. James T. Kirk orders the ship to warp past it at an extremely high speed, which will shift its direction. After the maneuver is successful, Hikaru Sulu annihilates the phenomenon with missiles.



James T. KirkSpockHikaru Sulu

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Unnamed star system

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missilephoton missileviewscreen

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captaincrewFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)Starfleet ranks

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black holebridgegalaxyhelmplanetred alertstarstar systemvacuumwarp drivewarp 12



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