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The Borg and the Delta Quadrant - Akritirian to Krenim is the fifth volume in the Star Trek Shipyards in-universe reference work series, and the first of two volumes focusing on ships of the Delta Quadrant. It features 53 Borg and other vessels and was released by Eaglemoss Collections through its Hero Collector imprint in 2021.

Publisher's description[]

Dust jacket 
This volume features ships belonging to the Borg and other species of the Delta Quadrant, from the Akritirian to the Krenim. The vessels include warships, fighters, transports, hospital ships, patrol ships, racing ships, and shuttles. Each ship is. illustrated with CG artwork, including original VFX models made for the TV show, and is presented with its technical data and operational history. A size chart showing Borg ships to scale is included, and an appendix of listings for each ship's debut appearance, and of other appearances throughout the Star Trek series.




Borg QueenDalaHughIrinaKes (alternates)

Starships and vehicles[]

Borg ship classes[]

cubeprobeRenegade shipspheretactical cubeQueen's ship

Other ships[]

Abaddon's "junk ship" • Akritirian freighterAkritirian patrol shipAksani racing shuttleAliceAnkari shipAnnari warshipAnnari combat shipB'omar patrol shipBa'neth shipBenthan patrol shipBenthan coaxial drive prototypeBothan ship type 1 • Brunali transport shipCaatati ship type 1Caatati ship type 2Chokuzan shipCravic starshipCytoplasmic lifeform shipDaelen's shipUSS DauntlessDala's "Delta Flyer" • Devore warshipDevore shuttleDinaali hospital shipDralian shipDrayan starshipEntharan starshipFlea shipHazari warshipHazari scout shipHierarchy ships (Assault-classsurvey vessel) • Hirogen holoshipHirogen warshipHirogen Venatic-classIlari shipImhotep racing shuttleIrina's racing shipKazon and Trabe carrier • Kazon and Trabe fighterKazon raiderKes's shuttleKobali shipKraylor medical transport (Nightingale) • Krenim patrol shipKrenim warshipKrenim temporal weapon ship


Delta Quadrant

Ranks and titles[]


States and organizations[]

Annari EmpireBenthan GuardBorg CollectiveDevore ImperiumHierarchyKrenim Imperium

Races and cultures[]

AnkariAnnariAntarianB'omarBa'nethBenthanBothanBorgBrunaliCaatatiChokuzanCraviccytoplasmic lifeform (Cytoplasmic pseudo-parasite) • DevoreDinaaliDralianDrayanHirogenHologramIlariImhotepKazonKobaliKraylorKrenimOverlookerSpecies 116Trabe

Events and treaties[]

Antarian Trans-stellar RallyBattle of Sector 001Battle of Wolf 359

Science and classification[]

fleatranswarptranswarp coiltranswarp conduit

Materials and substances[]


Other references[]

22nd century23rd century24th centuryyear







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