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Introduction (blurb)

From solicitations: Under attack from an unknown enemy, the crew of the scoutship Fortune face death, hard choices, and the worst fears of fragile humans far from home in the unforgiving vastness of space.


The USS Fortune responds to a distress call from the Earth colony on Tau Alpha III. A landing party finds the colony intact and the population in a trance, but that illusion soon gives way to the true level of decimation, and the team is attacked. The few survivors evacuate to the ship, but the 50-year-old vessel suffers an engine failure, requiring an emergency spacewalk repair while they evade the attackers. Number One and several others are trapped in one compartment, surrounded by hull breaches and facing a loss of heat and atmosphere, but she is able to climb through equipment conduits and reach help before her crewmates perish. Unable to contact the bridge, they climb through heavily damaged sections and find the entire primary hull gone. The remaining crew evacuates to the planet, hoping that the atmospheric ionization will hide them from the attackers, and set the Fortune to detonate when the enemy craft is close, taking them out. The survivors send an emergency signal and await rescue.



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The story gives no indication of chronological placement, other than it occurs at some point between "Shakedown" and "Ghosts" which places it at some point in the mid to late 2240s.

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