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The Business, As Usual, During Altercations was a short story featuring Harry Mudd. It was written by J.A. Lawrence as part of the Mudd's Angels TOS episode novelization collection in 1978.


Captain's log, stardate 6276.6.
Responding to a top priority message from Starfleet Command three days ago, the Enterprise began a systematic investigation of all dilithium-producing planets to determine why scheduled deliveries to Starbase fueling depots were not being made. The answer: a new consortium of companies has been outbidding not only Federation but Romulan and Klingon representatives as well for the precious crystals, resulting in a virtual paralysis of the galactic economy. The madness behind this method is obvious: a monopoly on the most valuable fuel source in the universe guarantees unlimited wealth and power.
And the man behind this madness? None other than our old friend — Harry Mudd.


Log entries

Captain's log, stardate 6273.6.
Top priority message from Star Fleet Command reporting abnormal shortfall in deliveries of dilithium crystals to starbase fueling depots. All Class 1 Starships abort non-emergency missions and investigate. Possible Condition Red. Accordingly, I have canceled the expedition to the Aldebaran Sector and we are heading for the planet Muldoon, the nearest dilithium source to our present position.



AlAlice 47AndreeAruhu 7Aruhu 38BluntPavel ChekovClarenceDaniel (android)Joe (Akladian)James T. KirkLaroJ.A. Lawrence (Integrator)Louise (android)Marilyn 47Leonard McCoyMike (miner)Harry MuddStella MuddStella Mudd's motherPerry (android)Montgomery ScottSpockSpxyxHikaru SuluNyota UhuraWeinberg
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AmandaAntonioBlatherDrashevinGodJenghis KhanShere KhanMermanSarekShylockSolomonTamerlaneTogluk Temur

Starships and vehicles

aircarUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • freightersone-man podscout shipshuttlecraft
Mudd's fleet
Dark StellaEvening StellaInterstellaStella SapphriteSuperstella


AkladiCoridan systemGalactic barrierthe galaxyKlingon Neutral ZoneKubanLarge Magellanic CloudLiticia (Mudd Mahal) • MuldoonNGC 104SaraiSector 27-FSector 29-GSmall Magellanic CloudStarbase 7Starbase 152Starfleet HeadquartersStella Mudd's planetTucana constellationunnamed planets
Referenced only
Aldebaran SectorAlpha AldissAndromeda GalaxyEarth (EuropeHeratIspahanIakanderTaj MahalTana RiverVenice) • HellN'caiSector 78

Races and cultures

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Human (GreekMamelukRussianTartar) • KlingonOrganianRegulanRomulan

States and organizations

Council of the United Federation of PlanetsFederation Diplomatic CorpsIndependent Government of LiticiaKlingon EmpireKlingon-Romulan LeagueRomulan EmpireScientific Advisory BoardStarfleetStarfleet CommandStar Fleet’s Legal DepartmentSupreme Court of the Government of LiticiaUnited Federation of Planets
Mudd's firms
British East India CompanyGalactic Trading CorporationThe Governors and Company of the Merchants of the LevantThe Great Western Railway CompanyThe Muscovy Trading CompanySouth Sea Bubble CompanyVocational Training InstituteYukon Fur Trading Company

Science and classification

actinabulatorandroidarrowAruhu serieschronometercommunicationscommunicatorcoordinatesdeflector shielddilithium cracking stationDirac beephypnosishypospraylaboratorylibrary computerlife supportMarilyn seriesmedical tricorderphaserpsychotricorderquadrantradiorobotsectorshotgunsoporificstar mapStella seriessubspace communicationterraformingtractor beamtranquilizertransportertricorderturboliftuniversal translator

Foods and beverages

alcoholbuttercakecanapéchickenChicken à la Kingclamfishfruitjelly beanmeatMeritan burgundypearpineapplepomegranatepotatosandwichsherbetturkeyvegetablewine

Materials and substances

adrenalinebloodcarpetchemicaldilithium crystalfuriceleathermarblemercurymineraloxygenperfumepetroleumprotactiniumvelvetwoodwulframite

Ranks and titles

Assistant Vice Chief of Star Base SuppliesAssistant Vice Commissioner of Inventory Accountsastrogatorbureaucratchief engineerchief medical officerChief of Staffcommunications officercrewmandoctorduty officerengineerengineering officerensignfirst officerintegratorjudgelawyerlieutenantmonarchnavigatorpiratepsychiatristpsychohistoriansenior officertraitoryeoman

Other references

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