With Cardassia ravaged by civil wars after the Dominion War, Garak and his associates investigate the Vinculum.


The post-war Cardassia has continued to deteriorate. Disease ravages the population, and Castellan Alon Ghemor has been assassinated. Garak has become an important part of what little government there is.

At a public rally, Garak is supposed to give a speech intended to bring various factions together. Unfortunately he is so depressed that his speech only adds to the problem. The other members of the government decide something must be done about Garak before he makes things even worse.

An ancient artifact of the Hebitians has recently been discovered - an otherwordly realm known as the Vinculum where the Hebitians went to meditate and find solutions to their problems. The others decide Garak must be sent into the Vinculum and left there.

Under the impression he is being sent on an undercover mission to contact the Federation for help, Garak envisions himself disguised as a human and sent to Earth. Slowly, the vision breaks down as the faces of Garak's friends and loved ones return to him, giving advice and emotional support.

Finally, Garak's friend Dr. Kelas Parmak rescued him from the Vinculum, and keeps him hidden from the others.



Nal DejarEreketElim Garak/Emile TrangerCronal GysPythas LokKel LokarKelas ParmakLimor PrangMindur Timot
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Julian BashirCorat DamarCorbin EntekTolan GarakAlon GhemorKira NerysBarkan LokarMaladekMilaKorbath MondrigPalandineQuarkEnabran TainToranTora Ziyal

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Assembly buildingCardassiaCardassia CityHall of RecordsImperial Parade GroundsTarlok SectorVinculum
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AfricaBegataBorlan IIIBrakkDeep Space 9EarthGare du NordLakarian CityMediterranean BasinMekar ProvinceMorfan ProvinceParisRogarinTohvun III

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Cardassian UnionDirectorateKasmocNeo-HebitianOralian WayRestoration CadreReunion ProjectSabutahim
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Bamarren Institute for State IntelligenceCardassian RepublicDominionFederation CouncilHebitianObsidian OrderParis MétroUnited Federation of Planets

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balteenbloodwormCardassian Civil WarDominion WarEdosian orchidHebitian friezekanarKaralian stewocranOralian Guideregnarvinculumwire


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