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Captain Picard engages in a deadly contest of wills with an ambitious Starfleet captain!The Captains' Honor is a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by David Dvorkin and Daniel Dvorkin. It was published in September 1989, the 8th book in Pocket Books' series of numbered TNG novels.


A series of vicious attacks by the enigmatic M'dok Empire has devastated the planet Tenara—bringing the Enterprise and another Federation starship, the Centurion, to the planet's aid. The Centurion's captain is Lucius Sejanus—a powerful, magnetic man who favors taking a far stronger stance against the M'dok than Captain Picard. And as the conflict escalates, Sejanus's instincts seem to be correct… for it appears only extreme measures can stop the murderous raids on Tenara.
Now the people of Tenara must decide which path they will follow—the way of peace, or the road to war. But unknown to any, one of the Centurion's officers has made that decision for them—and plans to provoke a full-scale war between the Federation and the M'Dok Empire!


In 2364, the planet Tenara came under attack from the M'dok Empire. The Federation deployed the USS Centurion, a ship manned solely by Magna Romans, to ward off the threat, but the Centurion is attacked by a M'dok battleship. The Centurion issued a distress call and the USS Enterprise-D responded.

When the Enterprise arrived it discovered that the Centurion was victorious and the M'dok warship was destroyed. Starfleet Command then assigned both ships to protect the planet and Captains Picard and Sejanus soon learned that the M'dok have been eating the villagers from villages they have raided. This discovery led to the deployment of a planetary defense grid that includes satellites and ground based weaponry.

As the security forces deployed the weaponry, Sejanus sent his cousin, Marcus Volcinius, to Tenara to reeducate the population and turn them from a peace loving society into a warlike one. This began with Volcinius taking over a small schoolroom and teaching the children Magna Roman history. Volcinius was eventually discovered by Gretna Melkinata but he convinced her that he had the approval of the government, leading her to turn against the Federation presence on Tenara.

In the meantime, two M'dok warships had arrived in orbit of Tenara and were being followed by the Enterprise to ensure that they didn't attack the planet. Eventually, one ship left and then Sejanus grew impatient and attacked the remaining warship. The ship was destroyed, but another M'dok ship had snuck onto the planet. The crew from this ship went on a rampage and attacked Zhelnogra, the Tenaran capital, killing many people.

After the battle, Gaius Aldus, first officer of the Centurion, discovered Volcinius's illicit activities and confronted Captain Sejanus. Sejanus killed Aldus and claimed that Aldus had committed suicide. Sejanus then attempted to use Aldus's close confidant from the Enterprise, Jenny de Luz, to gain access to the Enterprise's prefix code, but instead she arrested him. At the same time Worf discovered Volcinius's activities and arrested the Magna Roman. Captain Picard planned to have Sejanus court martialed, but the man was able to escape custody and leave aboard the Centurion.



AntoniaGaius AldusJulius ApiusAntonius AppiusAnkaArkankaClaudius CaecusMarcus ClaudiusAppius CorneliusBeverly CrusherWesley CrusherDataHoward DelaporeHjalmar FochIngermentJuliusKlamninGeordi La ForgeLartenJenny de LuzMariusMelkinatGretna MelkinataNadeleenMiles O'BrienJean-Luc PicardYavam PorovikiQuillenWilliam T. RikerMarius SecondusLucius SejanusJulia SicaniaDeanna TroiTulliusYoolkaMarcus VolciniusWorfunnamed M'dok
Referenced only
BelisariusNapoléon BonaparteJulius CaesarZefram CochraneDomin Hame de Luzdu PlessisMahatma GandhiPhillip GreenAdolf HitlerKahlessClaudius MarcusBrutus NothusRousseauSaladinSariLucius SejanusLucius SejanusServadoSurakTiberiusTiberiusVolciniusTasha Yar

Starships and vehicles

USS Centurion (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • Restorationshuttlecraft
Referenced only
USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Intrepid (Constitution-class) • USS Slisha


Referenced only
AdharaAfricaAlpsAtlantic OceanAsiaCastle de LuzCarthageEarthEnglandFranceGermaniaHispaniaLondiniumMagna RomaMeramarMont St. MichelRegia RepublicaeStarbase 16Tamesis River

Races and cultures

AndorianandroidBetazoidHuman (GermanGreekNorseRoman) • KlingonM'dokMagna RomanTenaran
Referenced only
FerengiPreserver (race)RomulanTellariteVulcan

States and organizations

Central Council of the Great SaavtaFederation CouncilGreat SaavtaM'dok EmpireStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
ChristianityLibrary of AlexandriaMagna Roman EmpireRoman EmpireRepublic of Magna RomaSenate of Magna RomaStarfleet AcademyYoung Romans League

Science and technology

communicatorholodeckphaserphaser cannonphaser riflesensortelevisiontransportertricorderturboliftVISOR

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptainChairman of the Central Council of the Great Saavtachief engineerchief petty officercommandercounselordoctorEmperor of the Magna Roman Empireensignfirst officergenerallieutenantlieutenant commanderMagister NavisProconsul

Other references

Anglo-Saxon languageBattle of BritanniaCeltic languagecourt martialcowDark AgesEnglish common lawEnglish languageFascismFederation StandardgensGerman languagegladiusgoatHodgkins' theory of parallel planetary developmenthummingbirdjavelinjhafrelatifundiaLatinliquamenpigpilumprefix codePrime DirectivePunic Warssaavtasenatorial scholarshipServado's AgonyshieldspearswordthrushVolcinii


Related media

The depictions of the Magna Roman civilization's inclusion into the Federation Starfleet is a sequel to that race's introduction in TOS episode & Star Trek 11 novelization: Bread and Circuses.

The depiction of the M'dok as a meat-eating felinoid civilization previously defeated by the Federation is very similar to the backstory of the Kzin that was presented in TAS episode & Log Ten novelization: The Slaver Weapon.


This book is noted to take place shortly after the death of Security Chief Tasha Yar in TNG episode: "Skin of Evil" in the opening pages. This may be considered to be following TNG episode: "The Neutral Zone", as the depiction of Worf on the cover wears a gld operations division uniform, following his final red operations division uniform's appearance in that episode. Additionally, Geordi La Forge seems to occupy the role of chief engineer, which was not officially seen in canon until TNG episode: "The Child", after "The Neutral Zone" where he was still a redshirt and flight controller. However, this definitely takes place before TNG season 2, where "The Child" revealed Beverly Crusher had left the Enterprise, as she is still aboard during this story.




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