The Classic UK Comics, Volume 3 was the last of three hardcover omnibus collections which restored and reprinted the Star Trek UK comic strips series. The volume was produced by The Library of American Comics, published in September 2017 by IDW Publishing, and was the first release of these stories in the United States.

This volume reproduced weekly comic strip story arcs #31-37 and annual stories #2, 6-11. It also reprinted the complete Larami Comic Strips and Kenner Comic Strips series. Stories were restored by Joseph Ketels. The book established new titles for stories that were originally published without a title.

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From solicitations
This third volume reprints all comics from 1972 to 1979 and concludes the 3-volume series that presents the complete Star Trek UK comics. Bonus material includes various one-shots and annuals, as well as strips created for various merchandise and toys. Star Trek expert Rich Handley provides the second half of a detailed encyclopedia of all things Star Trek from these British comics. Exploring the minutiae is half the fun of enjoying a franchise, and when it comes to Trek, there’s no end of trivia to devour.




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