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Log entries

  • Ship's log: Stardate 8953.7; Commander Codbach, duty officer.
A rather uneventful omega shift draws to a close and I'm completely taken off guard when the unbelievable happens...
  • Chief engineer's log; Stardate 8953.12
Ah guess ah don't blame them... Ah must seem daft fer even suggestin' that the new Enterprise is infested with anythin'-- let alone gremlins!
But ah don't hear anyone of them comin' up with any solutions either--
  • Chief engineer's log; Stardate 8953.19
It was war. Me agin him.
He had fooled 'em all, they had no idea the'
Enterprise was his-- I had t'give th' little boyo credit!
An' that was the' first thing ah id right--
--All the' first gremlins wanted was credit-<' all ah wanted was me ship back!
But I had to wait--
--Until th' night shift back on duty--
--'Cause th' only way ah could pull off m' plan was t' try it durin' th' wee hours-- when anyone who might suspect m' actions would be fast asleep...
an' far from th' bridge!
The strange setbacks the Enterprise and her crew had been facing of late have suddenly subsided-- just as quickly as they began.
Furthermore, Commander Scott has yet to fully explain his part in the ship's unusual blackout--
--And I've decided to shelve the idea of any further inquiry--
--preferring rather to chalk this one up to being simply one of the mysteries of space!
Ahead lies yet another mystery-- the mystery of the planet Gamma Trianguli VI.
It's been almost twenty years since we were here last-- Here, where I was forced to make one of the hardest decisions of my early career!
I chose to offer the inhabitants of G.T. VI what I perceived was virtual freedom--
--Yet now I was about find out if my intervention had liberated these people from their mindless subjugation to some computerized god--
--Or whether I had indeed doomed their entire world to complete and utter extinction!



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Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-A
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Gamma TrianguliGamma Trianguli VI

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Other references

Bon-Wan's Light Markercorbomitegremlinpyro unitScotland Tech



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