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The Crimson Shadow is a novel from author Una McCormack. It is the second of five novels making up the Star Trek: The Fall miniseries which centers around the Federation and the Typhon Pact. The novel features the Enterprise crew visiting Cardassia.

Publisher's description[]

The second original novel in the electrifying The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover event!
The U.S.S. Enterprise has been sent to Cardassia Prime, where Captain Jean-Luc Picard is involved in discussions over the removal of the small number of remaining Starfleet forces left over from the end of the Dominion War. Also present is the Cardassian Ambassador to the Federation, Elim Garak. All parties involved are keen to see Starfleet leave Cardassian soil, not only because the Cardassians are now allies of the Federation, but because Starfleet has been badly overstretched in recent years and the resources are needed elsewhere. With so much goodwill at the highest levels, this meeting should be a formality. However, within a few days of the arrival of the Enterprise, a Bajoran Federation officer is found murdered. The crime may be racially motivated: an ultra-nationalist organization called "Cardassia First" has been stirring up anti-Federation feeling across Cardassia over the past year, and a Bajoran is an obvious target…


The Enterprise is transporting Garak back to Cardassia prior to the Federation withdrawal from the planet and will be escorting President Bacco home afterwards. However, the process is being opposed by the nationalistic Cardassia First politician Evek Temet, who looks set to stand against Castellan Garan in the next election. Tension is also increased by the murder of Aleyni Cam, a Bajoran Starfleet officer.

Things take a turn for the worse when Bacco is assassinated and the interim president Ishan Anjar postpones the withdrawal. When riots take place in the streets, he also orders all Federation personnel to remain in their compounds and expel their Cardassian associates. Meanwhile, Garak has had Dygan infiltrate the local nationalist groups and discovers that the True Way were involved in Bacco's assassination. He then discovers that the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau and even Garan herself have been covering up this fact. Shortly after he sends a message to Picard, his skimmer explodes.

With pro-Federation constables being suspended for spurious reasons, Arati Mhevet, the investigator of Aleyni's murder, discovers the culprits were one of her fellow officers and a member of a local nationalist group. Worf and Šmrhová beam her and Dygan to the Federation compound against Ishan's orders. Garak is revealed to have survived the explosion with Picard's help and begins a purge of the constabulary and Intelligence Bureau, starting with the arrest of Aleyni's murderers. He convinces Garan not to seek re-election and then stands himself against Temet.

Ishan agrees to allow the withdrawal to go ahead but Picard and Akaar are uncertain how he would react to the news of Cardassian involvement in the assassination so elect to keep quiet for the time being. They are puzzled when Ishan then orders the Enterprise to Ferenginar.



USS Enterprise-E personnel
Beverly CrusherRavel Dygan (Rakhat Blok) • Hegol DenRennan KonyaGeordi La ForgeJean-Luc PicardAneta ŠmrhováWorf
Referenced only 
Rene Jacques Robert Francois Picard
Cardassian Government Officials
AkretErelya FhretElim GarakRakena GaranEvek Temet
Referenced only 
Prynok CrellEnevek Vorat
DhrokTret FerenyIstekReta KalanisArati MhevetPatrak
ColakCoranisVelok DekrenyEslaIrianLengEdek MayratIsta NemenyKelas Parmakunnamed Cardassians
Referenced only 
Corat DamarSkrain DukatTolan GarakAlon GhemorTekeny GhemorNyra MalerenOntek MhevetMilaKorbath MondrigEleta PrelocMeya RejalEnabran Tainunnamed Cardassians
Civilian Outreach Program personnel & residents
Aleyni CamAleyni ZeyaMargaret Fry
Starfleet personnel
Leonard James Akaar
Referenced only 
Julian BashirKira NerysMiles O'BrienBenjamin Sisko
Other characters
Ishan AnjarGalif jav Velk
Referenced only 
Jane AustenNanietta BaccoMikhail BulgakovDevilEnkar SirsyHarold MacmillanHilary MantelKeiko O'BrienOdoGeorge OrwellWilliam ShakespeareIravothra sh'ThalisLeo TolstoyTora ZiyalMerken Vreenak
Fictional characters
Anne ElliotFrederick WentworthEmma Woodhouse

Starships and vehicles[]

constabulary skimmerUSS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • shuttlecraftskimmertram
Referenced only 
cargo skimmerCDS Trager (Galor-class)


Cardassia Prime (Akleen Sector; Barvonok Sector; Blind Moon, North Torr; Constabulary HQ; Coranum Sector; East Torr; Federation embassy; Headquarters of the Allied Reconstruction Force; Munda'ar Sector; Tarlak Sector; Torr Sector, Cardassia City) • Earth (San Francisco)
Referenced only 
AndorArawak ColonyBajor • Cardassia Prime (Andak MountainsCemetVeterans' Bridge) • Deep Space 9Earth (MoscowParis) • FerenginarFounders' homeworldQo'noSRomulan Front

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Allied Reconstruction ForceCardassia FirstCardassian AssemblyCardassian ConstabulariesCardassian GuardCardassian UnionCivilian Outreach ProgramForeign AffairsKhitomer AllianceResidents' Organizing CommitteeSixth OrderStarfleetTrue WayUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Bajoran ResistanceCardassian Central CommandCardassian Intelligence BureauCardassian Liberation FrontDetapa CouncilDirectorateDominionFerengi AllianceFoundersKlingon EmpireMaquisObsidian OrderOffice of VisionOralian WayRomulan SenateRomulan Star EmpireSecond RepublicStarfleet IntelligenceTyphon Pact

Ranks and titles[]

anchorarchaeologistassassinauthorbabysitterbodyguardbosscaptainCardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of PlanetsCastellan of the Cardassian Unionchief aidechief of staffcolonelcommandercommanding officerCommanding officer of Starfleet Commandconservatorconstablecookcounselorcultural liaison officerdemocratdeputydeputy directordeputy security chiefdignitarydirectordoctoreditorensignfirst officerfleet admiralfoot soldierforensic officergangstergardenerglinngulinformation analystinterrogatorinterviewerinvestigatorjournalistjunior investigatorkailawyerlegatelieutenantLustrate of the Cardassian Unionmagistratemedical studentnationalistNumber oneofficerpatriotpolice officerpoliticianPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresident Pro Tempore of the United Federation of PlanetsPresider of Andoriapriestprisoner of warprivate investigatorrankrefugeerepresentativeresearcherriotersecretarysecurity chiefsecurity officersenatorsenior investigatorservantshopkeepersingerslavesoldierspiritual advisorspysuicide bombersuperior officersupervisortailorteachertorturertyrantvedek

Science and technology[]

air filterairwavesalchemyalienallergybirdbloodbombbonebrainbuzzercameracombadgecommunicatorcompanelconstructiondata carddata roddisruptordust maskdust stormecologyfarmingfiltration systemfireforce fieldhairheartheat strokeholo-cameraholo-imageholo-recordingholo-screenindustrial replicatorirrigationlamplightmedicinemoonorbitpaddpersonal commplagueplanetrainrecording devicescalesciencescrubbersecurity lightsensorshieldsirenspacespiderwebspinestarsteelstylusthundertimetranslator filmtransparent aluminumtransportertumoruniverseviewscreenwall viewer

Other references[]

abstract paintingalcoholalleyantechamberarmorarmy pensionartartworkassassinationautumnaytlik soupbadgeballotbar billbasilbatikbatonBattle for the Heartlandbeanbenchblack marketblack pillarblackmailblanketbonfirebookbootBorg Invasion of 2381The Boy Who Cried Wolfbreakfastcanka nutcanopycanteencanteen cardcapital citycardcatcellarcenotaphchapelcitycivil warclinicclothclothingcoffeecoffee beancoincommand centercommemoration ceremonycommunications centerconcessioncontinentcontractcorridorcotcounting housedaisdaydecadedemocracydessertdiplomacyDirective 964Doctor FaustusDominion Wardonkeydust bowlearringeateryeconomyEdosian orchideducationelectioneltaempireettaberry teaexchange programexileextinctionface maskfactoryFall of the Second RepublicfaunaFederation Standardfeudalismfeytthe Firefire escapefiring squadflagflagshipflatbreadflowerfortressfree clinicfree electionfree speechfruitfuneralgaggaragegardengelatgeleta housegenocideghostglassgovernmentgrainhammerHappy Bottom Riding Clubherbhierarchyhistoryholodramahomeworldhospitalhound racinghouriceicingikri bunimpeachmentithian treejacketJulian Bashir's letter to Elim Garak, 2385kanarkeyKhitomer Accordskitikkitik batklaxonKlingon-Cardassian Warknifekotralabor campleaflekleya fruitlibrarylilaclocklogiclongweedmansionmarketmarriagemaskThe Master and MargaritamedalMeditations on a Crimson Shadowmemorialmeya lilymilitaryminutemirrormoba treemoneymonthmonumentmossmountainmuralmusicnationalismnewscastNineteen Eighty-FournoosenovelnutobeliskOccupation of Bajorpacking casepaintpaintingpamphletpaperpartisanperek flowerpetalpillowpippitchforkplasticplasticreteplaygroundpogrompolitical missivepoliticsprejudiceThe Princequadrantquartersracismraktajinorallyready roomred leaf teaReplimatresignationreta beadriding houndrokassa juicerosesandpaperscattel fishschoolsecessionsecondshutterssilosofasongspaceportspoonheadspringStarfleet uniform (2373-2386)stewsugarsummerteaterik stewtiatha treetombtooltorchTorlak's anthologytramlinetreatyTreaty of BajoruniformUnion lotteryvisorwarehousewaterweaponweedweekwhiskeywhistlewinterwire fencewolfxenophobiayearYear's Turn



Production history[]

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Revelation and Dust
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A Ceremony of Losses
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Una McCormack
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The Missing



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