The Curator was a humanoid native of Krugar III, where he worked as the curator of a museum.


The Curator survived the destruction of his planet when the land surrounding the museum was carried off into space and through a warp-gate into a netherspace which he called "Limbo". He took in the starship pilots who became trapped in Limbo and offered them all the comforts of their new home, which became known as the Museum of Missing Ships.

In the year 2266, the Curator, along with his bodyguard Hilliard, welcomed USS Enterprise officers James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy to the Museum. When a group of Klingons seized the Museum and captured its inhabitants, the Enterprise crew rescued the Curator and the others, and aided them in battling the Klingons. The Curator died along with the other inhabitants of the Museum when Limbo exploded, having lived there so long that they would be out of place in Kirk's world. (TOS comic: "Museum at the End of Time")


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