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Introduction (blurb)

The rebuilding of Mestiko is starting to make progress: the atmosphere is partially restored, and Federation scientists are introducing new methods of replenishing the planet's biosphere. But their efforts are being stymied by the growing power of the mar-Atyya, who shun all offworlders.

The arrival of the Starship Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk proves less than fortuitous, as the ship becomes a flashpoint for all of Mestiko's troubles. Now Raya elMora, the leader of the planetary council, finds herself facing exile--which could spell doom for Mestiko...

A new eBook from the author of the acclaimed novel Ex Machina.


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BolekDiFalcoDomenickDuaneHaarvHaleyHavzoraHogachJames T. KirkKyleMonique LedouxLeslieMarat Lon (aka Cart etDeja) • Leonard McCoyHarry MorrowNizhoniNoguraPilarAntonia SalvatoriMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluClark TerrellT'LaraNyota UhuraWorene
Alur orJadaAsal JantoBlee elTornoCadi orMalanDaki orGalyaEleeHanni orLitzaHodi orManatMokar maNasholNal KotyarOdra maVolanRaya elMoraTheena elMadejVar Nysul
ButlerAntonia Salvatori

Starships and vehicles

USS EnterpriseGalileo IIIUSS ReliantWraith-class


DarokenDomtosEarthGeltaHertex systemJarol DesertKazarKifauLone Pine, CaliforniaMarsMestiko (aka hur-Atyya) • NorrbSan FranciscoSector 418-DSierra NevadaStarbase 49Starfleet AcademyTazokkaVarnexVerzhikvosTraal

Races and cultures

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States and organizations

Corps of Engineersmar-AtyyaPayav Restoration MovementPayavist Inward PartySynodZamestaad

Other references

aerostatBeta Niobechesscoffeedaggerleaf treeDinpayavdogfrostbuster mossGreat Danegrizzly beargroundhopperhorsehot chocolateJo'Zamestaadkashrutkovnamagnetopausemarshmallowmar-TunyorMestiko This WeekmillisnakeMinaraPSR 418-D/1015.3 • "the Pulse" • Regulan pygmy eel-birdScourertwelveyearV'GervikakZeno's Paradox


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