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The Delta Quadrant, also known as Delta Quadrant, is a story-arc episode, a chain of cross-faction missions in Star Trek Online. The player participates in Operation: Delta Rising, where the Alliance powers establish holdings in the galaxy's Delta Quadrant in 2410. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

The Delta Quadrant is preceded by the episode "Solanae Dyson Sphere" and followed by "Iconian War"


The gateways to the Delta Quadrant are open! Explore this distant area of space and find old friends... and new enemies.

List of missions

  • "Escalation"
  • "Mindscape"
  • "Reunion"
  • "Friends in Unlikely Places"
    • Kyla VanZyl directs the protagonist to three systems in the area for patrol duties.
  • "Revelations"
  • "Enemies in All the Usual Places"
  • "All That Glitters"
    • Gaul fakes a medical emergency in the Shenda system to lure the Alliance in. The Doctor is rescued by the Alliance, and Gaul presents a diplomatic side. The negotiations are to take place on the Entaba asteroid place, but the Vaadwaur instead sack the place. The Turei assist in repelling the Vaadwaur to fulfill their debt.
  • "Know Your Enemies"
  • Voyager's first officer VanZyl assigns several patrol missions deeper into the Delta Quadrant sector block.
  • "The Kobali Front"
  • "Capture the Flag"
  • "The Dragon's Deceit"
    • Alliance Intelligence has uncovered the location of the Vaadwaur's main base. The protagonist infiltrates the system and underground caverns with the guidance of Admiral Tuvok. They find a potential ally in Eldex among the Vaadwaur when it is revealed that the Supremacy's leadership has been taken over by a Bluegill infestation.
  • "Alliances"
    • The Khitomer Alliance powers and their closest allies in the Delta Quadrant intend to expand the alliance against the Vaadwaur invasion. The members of the Delta Alliance meet in the Al'yans system. Aboard Voyager, Admiral Tuvok assigns the missions to recruit new members to trusted champions.
  • "Better with Friends"
    • VanZyl has found additional systems to patrol in the quadrant.
  • "Revolution"
    • Commander Eldex partners with the Alliance to expose the infestation of Vaadwaur leadership to the galaxy. The mission is a partial success, and Eldex foments open rebellion while Gaul retains power over the Supremacy.
  • "Taking Care of Enemies"
    • VanZyl sends the protagonist on patrol missions.
  • "Takedown"
    • The Delta Alliance commences the invasion of the Vaadwaur system and Vaadwaur Prime itself. Gaul is defeated and the Allied troops recover a mysterious artifact.
  • "What's Left Behind"
    • The artifact leads the Alliance to a mission into subspace. An Elachi space station serves as the breeding ground for the Bluegill. Survivors who had been abducted by the Elachi are recovered - as is Sela, who just escaped imprisonment by the Iconians.
  • "Dust to Dust"
    • On Kobali Prime, Harry Kim has come across another Kobali mystery. He is forced to team up with Jhet'leya to prevent his counterpart Keten from revealing Voyager's location during a critical mission.

Related content

  • "Borg Disconnected"
  • "Battle of Korfez"
    • The Battle of Korfez is underway as the Vaadwaur attempt to conquer Korfez IV and the rest of the Korfez system. Captain Kim and the Rhode Island coordinate the counterattack.
  • "Bug Hunt":



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