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A slight anomaly in the warp engines and an alien spacecraft spell trouble for the crew of the Enterprise. On board the alien spacecraft, the Away Team are attempting to discover its origins — but Worf has an inkling of its true purpose when they discover no crew's quarters.


Captain's Log, Stardate 42315.8. We have sent a team of specialists under the direction of Commander Riker to investigate the derelict ship we encountered just hours ago. As this ship is of unfamiliar origin, we hope by this effort to learn something about the race that built it -- despite the fact that it bears no living representatives of that race. Chief engineer La Forge was unavailable for this mission, busy as he is at locating the source of some minor problem with our warp drive. However, assistant chief engineer McRobb has gone in his stead -- and from what La Forge tells me, McRobb is an eminently capable replacement.
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