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The Destruction of Deep Space 9 was a battle between the forces of the United Federation of Planets and the Typhon Pact in 2383.

In the year 2383, evidence was discovered that Andorian terrorists were planning to destroy Deep Space 9. An investigation was launched, but was ultimately unsuccessful, resulting in the destruction of Deep Space 9.

The danger came to a head when DS9 came under attack shortly after the return of the Breen freighter Ren Fejin, which was being escorted by the Mogai-class warbird IRW Eletrix. Additional Tzenkethi and Breen warships decloaked a short time afterward and also began an attack during a mass evacuation of DS9 following the discovery of multiple antimatter charges attached to the fusion core. After a series of detonations, which were initially believed not to be threatening to the station, Deep Space 9 lost the ability to eject its fusion reactors, an act which was presumed to be unintentional as the charges had been identified as being located in areas specifically designed to cripple the station, but not destroy it. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)

During the battle, the runabout USS Rio Grande successfully rescued everyone in Ops from the explosion. Mere moments later, the station was destroyed. However, it was partly evacuated before the reactors went critical, leading to the deaths of hundreds of Starfleet officers. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn)


Sections of the habitat ring were sealed with emergency bulkheads, allowing those inside to survive in small pockets until rescue. Notable survivors in this fashion include Sarina Douglas, Julian Bashir, Kasidy Yates, and Kira Nerys.

Political falloutEdit

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