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The Devil's Heart—a legendary object of unsurpassed power and mystery. Worlds that believe in magic consider it Darkness's mightiest talisman; worlds of science consider it a lost artifact of some ancient and forgotten race. Some say the Heart enables its possessor to control people's minds and to amass wealth enough for a dozen lifetimes, while others think it capable of raising the dead, perhaps even changing the flow of time itself. But to all, the location of this fabled object has remained a mystery—until now.
An isolated archaeological outpost has suddenly stopped responding to repeated requests for information. Sent to discover why, the USS Enterprise-D crew finds a devastated outpost and a dying scientist, whose last worlds fall on disbelieving ears: the Devil's Heart has been found.
Now, as the quest for the Heart unfolds, Captain Jean-Luc Picard discovers the awful truth behind all the legends and age-old secrets: Whoever holds the Devil's Heart possesses power beyond imagining…


The Enterprise-D is on its way to Luxor IV so that work can be done on the ship's systems. The crew also wants to go there as there will be four other starships there - with five ships a fleet poker championship game can be held. These plans go awry when they are called to an archeological dig at Atropos to take T'Sara - an elderly Vulcan female believed to be suffering from Bendii Syndrome - back home to Vulcan. The crew arrives at the planet to find almost the entire archeological team dead, and only T'Sara left barely alive.

The crew learns that T'Sara had devoted a good portion of her life to discovering the Devil's Heart - a stone of immense power that had shaped many Alpha Quadrant civilizations, including the Klingons, Andorians, Vulcans, Romulans, Tkon, and Iconians. They realize that the Heart was more than a myth, and that T'Sara had found the actual Heart. Others also learn of T'Sara's discovery, and race to claim the Heart.

After leaving Atropos, the Enterprise is summoned by an automated Ferengi distress call to a wrecked Marauder. They discovered that the Ferengi had fought Orion mercenaries who sought to take the Heart from them - the Orion ship was destroyed and the Ferengi crew died when the Orion ship's weapons caused the electrical systems to overload. Picard beams on board and finds the Heart in the hands of the dead Ferengi DaiMon.

After Data attempts to analyze the stone, which raises more questions than answers, Picard keeps the Heart with him. The Heart tells Picard of its journeys by sending him the stories as dreams. The crew becomes more and more concerned about Picard's behavior, while others intent on regaining the Heart chase the Enterprise down. Picard becomes convinced that the stone has a mission to fulfill, and knows that if the Heart doesn't complete its mission, the Alpha Quadrant would face dire consequences.



AbellAkhanatosAnlew-IsAsadourianMarte BrengleCamenaeKeyda ChandatChiangBeverly CrusherJack CrusherD'AiroDaramadánDataDeemusDelDierDorgathDragerDurallDureghEtrajanEvallaGaramondGarethThomas GredeGuinanHalaylahIkajadánKanda Jiak (Iconian)Kanda Jiak (Ikkabar)J'rossKajimaKazagoWalker KeelKessecKieradánKiley-SmithKrtakkKrugerGeordi La ForgeLewisLorrisMaarcDiat ManjaAsao MatasuEstrella MiyakawaMohtrMycelliMiles O'BrienOomaloOrlevJean-Luc PicardPymerRamseyReyjadánWilliam RikerRo LarenSarekSathevSeemusSelarSendeiShaavShagretSkorretSohleSorrenSothStefStemonSurakSurellTaramukTarisTaylorT'ChalloTelegarTelevTessinThorinaT'LeiaTommasTorkDeanna TroiT'SaraT'Soronunnamed Andoriansunnamed Benzitesunnamed Orionsunnamed Romulansunnamed VulcansVedocViloffVitellusEmm WilkersonWorf
Referenced only
Aghlarren the MoteConradWesley CrusherGaninGowronJ.P. HansonCharles LoganNedecRobert PicardRoshamelSenegaSpock

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer) • IRW Haakona (D'deridex class warbird)


AtroposDiWahnDo or DieDue or DieDynassiaIconiaIkkabarIshayaIsk'KahrMount SeleyaSmelter's HoldStarbase 75Starbase 193Vulcan
Referenced only
Luxor IVVaults of the Dead

Races and cultures

AndorianandroidEl-AurianFerengiHumanIconian (DiWahnunDiWahn) • KlingonRomulanTkonVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Clan Ghe'HaraKlingon EmpireOrder of the FaithfulRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetTkon Empire

Science and technology

alienDevil's HeartdilithiumgalaxyGuardian of ForeverhourIconian gatewayminutesecondspacestarstarshipsubspace radioviewscreen

Ranks and titles

ambassadorcaptaincommandercounselorDaiMondoctorEmperor of the Romulan Star Empireensignfirst officerlieutenantlordmercenarymerchantnursetechnicianwaiter

Other references

Andorian Middle KingdomThe Ballads of DurallblackmailbookbridgecabincampsiteclothThe CrossingcrystalemotionempathyFestival of MoonsfurniturehelmhomeworldLegends of the Iconian Diasporalogicmind meldnecklaceOral Histories from the Andorian Middle Kingdomplanetpokerready roomrobescholarshipsehlatvellumyear



  • U. K. hardcover ISBN 0671718339; Braille edition available through Amazon under ASIN B0006QS0GE



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