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THE DOMINION: Since its defeat in the war for the Alpha Quadrant, the Great Link -- the living totality of the shape-shifting Founders -- has struggled with questions. At its moment of greatest doubt, its fate, and that of the Dominion itself, is tied to Odo's investigation of his kind's true motives for sending a hundred infant changelings out into the galaxy. As Odo searches for answers and takes a hard look at his past choices, Taran'atar reaches a turning point in his own quest for clarity... one from which there may be no going back.



AlsaraManuele AtoaAlecoSam BowersFemale ChangelingKalena HokuInduraneJenekKira NerysLaasJacqueline MathesonMisjaOdoRekan'ganarRo LarenRotan'talagTaran'atarTeelentT'KrenVannisWeyoun
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Leonard James AkaarArissaJulian BashirJadzia DaxElim GarakGaviIloja of PrimJoshuaEthan LockenLynnAkellen MacetMora PolNogMiles O'BrienOpaka SulanRaiqWilliam RossBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoElias Vaughn


Ananke AlphaDeep Space 9Ennis moonFounders' homeworldGreat LinkOmarion NebulaRindamil III
Referenced only 
BajorBajoran wormholeDelta QuadrantEeInnerol VKaremmaKendra ProvinceMerakord IIOverne IIIRintannaSidauSindorinYolja River

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Jem'Hadar Attack Vessel 971USS Rio Grande (Danube-class) • USS Mjolnir (Norway-class) • Type-10 shuttlecraftUSS Yolja (Danube-class)
Referenced only 
USS DefiantJem'Hadar fighterUSS Sutherland

Races and culturesEdit

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States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaDominionHundredStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
EnnisSection 31Sen Ennis

Other referencesEdit

Dominion Warisolytic subspace weaponkar'takinketracel-whitemorphogenic viruspaladinraktajinoshroudtranscorder implantvirtual display devicewaveguide


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