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The Eternal Tide is a Star Trek: Voyager novel by Kirsten Beyer published by Pocket Books in August 2012. It is the fourth novel in the Voyager relaunch after Destiny and the eighth overall. It centers around the search for Afsarah Eden's origin and a mysterious space-anomaly.


From the back cover

An all-new novel that continues the epic saga of the starship Voyager!

As the Voyager fleet continues its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, investigating the current status of sectors formerly controlled by the Borg becomes the fleet's priority. Two of the fleet's special mission vessels, Galen and Demeter are left at New Talax to aid Neelix's people while Voyager, Quirinal, Esquiline, Hawking, and Curie move out to do a systematic search for any remnants of the Borg or Caeliar. As this mission begins, Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden, who has shared what little she knows of her mysterious past with Captain Chakotay, begins to experience several more "awakenings" as she encounters artifacts, people, and places that make her feel connected to her long lost home. She is reluctant to allow these to overshadow her mission, but this becomes increasingly difficult as time passes...


The Doctor makes a discovery about Eden's genetic structure: She only has genes from a single, male parent. Eden, the Doctor and Cambridge leave Voyager to investigate a possible connection with the Mikhal Travellers, while Voyager investigates the planet where Riley Frazier's collective of former Borg drones were left. They discover that most of the drones joined the Caeliar but a few dozen, led by Riley, stayed behind to care for their children, only to be forced underground when the Tarkons colonised the planet. While help from the USS Achilles, Voyager is able to rescue Riley's people and relocate them on Arehaz, the planet where the Borg originated.

At the same time, Eden's group learn of the Anschlasom, an ancient race who discovered a gateway to another dimension and caused a breach between the two realities. She realises her "uncles", Jobin and Taller, entered one of the breaches and found her but are now trapped in it, having re-entered a breach in the Beta Quadrant.

Q Junior and Amanda Rogers learn that Janeway's death has become a fixed point in time, existing in all multiverses. Q Junior convinces his mother to bring Janeway to him from a point just before her death, where he manages to direct her and Kes to restore her to life. Amanda tries to investigate the original timeline before Janeway's future self helped Voyager return home and finds at that moment they were involved in the incident where Seven was killed. She finds an area of blank space but when she enters it she ceases to exist and no-one in the Continuum except Q Junior can remember her. Q Junior sends Janeway to the Achilles.

Four vessels from the fleet stumble across a similar blank area of space. Their attempts to probe it fracture the anomaly, causing parts of the ship to be swallowed up. The crewmembers in those parts of the ship encounter Taller and decide they must sacrifice themselves and remove all contamination to repair the anomaly. The Achilles beams aboard the crewmembers from the unaffected areas of the ships shortly before they are destroyed but Taller refuses to follow suit and the anomaly is merely returned to how it was before Starfleet arrived. Eden orders the ship to return to the Alpha Quadrant while her group and Janeway return to Voyager.

Jobin contacts Voyager, admitting Eden was created by something inside the anomaly to fulfill Taller's wish for a daughter. Eden slowly realises the truth: The anomaly contains a pure Omega molecule which, if it becomes stable, will destroy the multiverse. The anomaly is the Omega Continuum, a polar opposite of the Q Continuum. The Anschalom's initial encounter with it granted both continuums sentience and brought the Q into being. It also accelerated the universe's natural life cycle and every other encounter with it has accelerated things still further. In the original timeline, Janeway erased it and thus destroyed the Q. Q appears, believing killing Eden will resolve things, but she strips him of his powers.

Torres and Seven work out a way to seal the anomaly by Chakotay piloting a shuttle inside on a suicide mission and Voyager and the shuttle firing pulses simultaneously. However, the attempt fails. The Continuum appear to confront Eden but she absorbs their powers and, heavily under the influence of Omega, prepares to take them into the anomaly, destroying the Q. Janeway attempts to dissuade her before Q Junior appears, revealing he carries all the power of the Q and will serve as a sacrifice in their place. He and Eden enter the anomaly together, collapsing it, and return Chakotay, Jobin and Taller to their original locations in space as they do so.



USS Voyager personnel

Hugh CambridgeChakotayNancy ConlonDonnerAfsarah EdenAytar GwynHarry KimKulaKenth LasrenMiral ParisThomas ParisDevi PatelRosioSeven of NineSharakB'Elanna TorresVanessa Waters
Referenced only
Marie Kaplan

USS Achilles personnel

CatesChaseTillum DrafarLiddyIllo MirrenMischaPurifoyRosatiZabetha

USS Curie personnel

Xin ChanJuana

USS Demeter personnel

Atlee FifeLiam O'Donnell

USS Esquiline personnel

Parimon DashtLivermoreDerek Waverly

USS Galen personnel

Reginald BarclayThe DoctorClarissa Glenn

USS Hawking personnel

Bal ItakLernVorik

USS Quirinal personnel

Phinnegan BryceGregor DenisovRegina FarkasKrim HochTonil HornungJepel OmarSadie JohnsJulian PsilakisMalcolm RoachEl'nor SalSienna Kar
Referenced only

Other Starfleet personnel

Ezri DaxIchebKathryn JanewayJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerWorf
Referenced only
Lukas DashtErika HernandezEdward JanewayKenneth MontgomeryOwen ParisNaomi WildmanLewis Zimmerman

Q Continuum

Female QQQ (Junior)Amanda Rogers
Referenced only


Borg QueenCulbretRiley FrazierMiles JobinKesNeelixCarson Taller
Referenced only
AlanaDante AlighieriAveryNanietta BaccoWillem BatisteCaptain ProtonCaretakerChaoticaLeonardo da VinciLilia DashtMerilee DashtRowena DashtSelena Royer DashtGhertHestaxMark JohnsonKahless, son of KahlessBuster KincaidKolLeuconLiaMeegan McDonnellNoconaOsternaRuriSekayaShonThoreckYifayZahir

Starships and vehicles

TSV Abracus (Tarkon sentry vessel) • USS Achilles (Mulciber-class) • Borg cubeBorg supercubeUSS Curie (Merian-class) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • USS Esquiline (Vesta-class) • USS Galen (Galen-class) • USS Hawking (Merian-class) • USS Quirinal (Vesta-class) • TS Flyer 1 (Tactical Support Flyer) • TS Flyer 6TS Flyer 11TS Flyer 12TS Flyer 13TS Flyer 19USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)
Referenced only
USS da Vinci (Saber-class) • Delta FlyerDelta Flyer IIUSS Demeter (Theophrastus-class) • escape podHome FreeUSS Planck (Merian-class) • Type-7 shuttlecraftVan Cise


Alpha QuadrantArehazBeta QuadrantDelta QuadrantEarth (San Francisco) • Eris (Eridian Vault) • Mikhal Outpost (Midrin) • Milky WayNekrit ExpanseNew TalaxOcampa VOmega ContinuumQ ContinuumRiley's Planet
Referenced only
AndorAzure NebulaCygnus Arm • Earth (FranceStarfleet HeadquartersVenice) • Fluidic spaceGamma QuadrantHanara (AltreenBetsilaIlliaraKehliaLazriaOskriaPeshShraskSomUnasalaVesra) • Jupiter StationLantaru sectorNew Erigol (Axion) • PersephoneProxima StationSagittarius Dwarf GalaxySbonfoyjillSepturnal PrimeTendaratranswarp hubTroyiusYaris Nebula

Races and cultures

Referenced only
AnschlasomCaeliarCardassianChildren of the StormDevoreElasianKindirKtarianMalonMikhal TravelerNaceneNekistiNeyserSeriareenSpecies 8472

States and organizations

Borg CollectiveProject Full CircleStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Borg CooperativeCaeliar gestaltDepartment of Temporal InvestigationsDominionIndignMaquisStarfleet CommandTarkon BoardTyphon PactWarriors of Gre'thor

Science and technology

annular confinement beamantichronitonartificial gravityastral eddyastrometric arraybenomitebioneural gel packbiobedblack holeboronitebotanical geneticsbreathing apparatuscatomcausalitychromosomechronitonchronometerclass-9 nebulacollapsed starcomputerdark matterdeflector arraydimensionelectrokinetic stormEmergency Medical Hologramenvironmental suitevent horizonFibonacci sequencefolded space-timefossilgenomegravimetric distortiongravityharmonic resonance chamberholodeckhologramhumanoidhydroponicshyposprayimpulse engineinertial dampenerinterdimendional riftinterphasic disruptioninterspatial phenomenonmattermicrofilamentmobile emittermolecular cohesionmultiversenanoprobeneuroelectric generatoromega moleculeODNpaddparticlepattern bufferpattern enhancerphaserphaser arrayphaser bankphoton torpedophysicsplanetpost-traumatic stress disorderprismquantum phase shiftingquantum scanquantum slipstream driveratioreplicatorresistor coilsensorsoliton pulsespacesubspacesupernovatachyonthrustertimetopographytractor beamtransparent aluminumtransportertricorderwarning buoywarp corewarp drivewarp fieldwarp nacellewrist beaconzero gravityzygote

Ranks and titles

acquisition specialistadmiralambassadorcadetcaptainchefchief engineerchief medical officerchief science officercommandercrewmandoctorensignfleet chief engineerfleet commanderflight specialistgrave robberhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commandermedicmorale officerpilotsecurity chiefSenior Acquisitions Executivetactical officerteachervice admiral

Other references

astrometricsbattle bridgeBattle of the Azure NebulaBeyond Temporal MechanicsblanketBorg droneBorg Invasion of 2381cargo baycavecoffeeconvoycotcycledesertdistress calldogduty shiftengineeringevergreengenocidegolden ratioguernoguinea pigHoly Rings of BetazedhoneycombJefferies tubeLa Vita Nuovamagazineorange juiceparkpicklepillowpine conepiracyPrime Directiveraktajinorucksacksaladsandwichsaucer separationSecasian serpentsectorsexualityshuttlebayskeletal lockStaff of RenstarscapesunflowerTarkon Commercial Chartertavernteatea kettleTimmy and the TargtoastwaterweddingThe Wizard of Ozyellow alert

Tamarian language references



Background information

  • The German translation of the novel was released by Cross Cult in 2016. It was translated by René Ulmer and featured new cover art by Martin Frei.

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The novel runs from August through September of 2381, the third and fourth month of the Full Circle Fleets 3-year-mission in the Delta Quadrant. It begins three years and seven months after the final Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Endgame".

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