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Captain Rudolph Ransom is trapped on his ship, the Equinox, to allow the Voyager to get away. He believes that he will pay for his horrible crime of abuse towards the nucleogenic lifeforms he used as fuel to get home, and will pay it with death. All of a sudden, from an unlikely source, he is offered to chance to either die in peace, or to live forever in an immortal dream-like state with visions of the past.



BriannaKathryn JanewayMobyNot-SevenRudolph Ransom
Referenced only
Derek BirkesonMaxwell BurkeCaretakerSeven of Nine

Starships and vehicles

USS Equinox (Nova-class)
Referenced only
TaurusUSS Voyager


Delta Quadrant
Referenced only
Alpha QuadrantEarthGolden Gate ParkSan FranciscoVega I

Races and cultures

HumanNot-Seven's species
Referenced only
BorgNucleogenic lifeformSleakYridian

States and organizations

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

bridgecaptainclockcomputerdogengineeringfirst officerGreat PyreneeshorsejadejazzMobynucleogenic lifeformshirazsynaptic stimulatorTaurus Incidentuniformwarp corewarp drivewine




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