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Klingon Captain Krenn is a ruthless war strategist. But on a mission to Earth, Krenn learns a lesson in peace.
Suddenly he must fight a secret battle of his own. His Empire has a covert plan to shatter the Federation. Only Krenn can prevent a war - at the risk of his own life!


Kirk witnesses many of the Enterprise crew returning from shore leave, having been affected by a new novel, The Final Reflection, which Starfleet insists is entirely fictional. McCoy gives Kirk a copy of the book to read.

The novel tells the story of a Klingon orphan named Vrenn, who after impressing in a game using real people as pieces was adopted by a Klingon admiral named Kethas. Vrenn eventually joined the Klingon Navy and provided a strategy to defeat a Romulan attack. Soon after, he was informed that Kethas had been involved in a plot to make a secret treaty with the Romulans. Kethas was executed but Vrenn was absolved and allowed to assume a new identity as a captain named Krenn.

Some years later, Krenn was sent to attend a Babel Conference on Earth and collect a new Federation ambassador, Emanuel Tagore. Along the way, he met Maxwell Grandisson III, the leader of the Back to Earth Movement who wanted humanity to leave the Federation and remain on Earth. On the return trip, Krenn's first officer Akhil attempted to assassinate Tagore but was stopped by Krenn and his childhood friend Gelly, now an Imperial Intelligence agent, who became Krenn's consort.

Krenn and his crew later took Tagore back to Earth on a diplomatic mission. Krenn had Zharn, another childhood friend now changed into a mind-wiped assassin, released from stasis and met with Thomas Jackson McCoy, the personal physician of Grandisson (and grandfather of Leonard). Soon after, Starfleet commander-in-chief Admiral Marcus van Diemen was murdered and Grandisson fell to his death in mysterious circumstances.

Krenn and Tagore met with new commander-in-chief Admiral Douglas Tancred Shepherd and Deneva representative Carter Winston where Krenn presented them with evidence that van Diemen had been deliberately ordering Federation ships to violate the Klingon Neutral Zone and be destroyed, feeling a mutual fear of the Klingons was keeping the Federation members together. Krenn sold the evidence in exchange for information on dilithium and antimatter that will allow the Klingons to enhance their engines and weapons.

Tagore was recalled but joined Krenn in destroying a Klingon taskforce sent to bombard a Federation colony. Krenn explained that the Klingons already had the information on dilithium and anti-matter, but now both the Federation and the Klingons would view the other as too powerful to attack.



James T. KirkLeonard McCoyJanice RandSpockAkhilAktenAntaanAtroAulohAmos BlakesleeDezheWallace DuquesneJ.M. FordGellyGraadeMaxwell Grandisson IIIAmanda GraysonKadiKafterKalimKandelKelagKepoolKeppaKessumKethas epetai-KhemaraKevKezhke (Kezhke zantai-Adion) • Khidri tai-GensaKianKlimorKodon (Kodon vestai-Karum) • KollKotkheKregKrenn (aka Vrenn, Vrenn Khemara, Krenn sutai-Rustazh) • KurrozhSamuel LandersLucyMabli vestai-GalannMaidaMaktaiMargon sutai-DemmaThomas Jackson McCoyMerzhanMethMurosOdiseTakashi OnodaSally ParkerJael RabinowichRaggaRogaineRokisRuzhe AvellSarekSegonDouglas Tancred ShepherdSinonSovinSudokEmanuel TagoreTatellTirianT'tainMarcus van DiemenVolohLuther WhitetreeCarter WinstonZharnZhoka
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AnkhisekKaggaKangKonliKothKovar sutai-RustazhMaraMarksMaskanNesheimMimi PanitchIsoroku Yamamoto

Starships and vehicles[]

Klingon Defense Force
IKS Blue Fire (D4 class) • IKS Death HandIKV DevisorIKV FencerIKV FuryIKS Mirror (D5 class) • IKS Two FingersVengeance
USS AveburyUSS EnterpriseUSS Flying Fortress (Rickenbacker-class) • USS Glasgow (Baton Rouge-class) • USS HokkaidoMann-classUSS SavannahUSS Savannah IIUSS Sentry


Alshanai RiftAtlantaAviskieCibolaDenevaEarthFedera-TerraFloridaGeorgiaJuarez-El Paso StationKlinzhaiRigelSerkash IIStarbase 6Starbase 12TriskelionWhite Sands

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

AkademgorodokAtlanta ConstitutionBack-to-Earth MovementEmory Medical CenterImperial Intelligence • Klingon Contacts BranchKlingon EmpireMakropyriosRomulan Star EmpireTerra-Return LeagueUnited Federation of PlanetsUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of New BombayUniversity of the Ocean of Storms

Science and classification[]

alienwarp physics

Technology and weapons[]


Ranks and titles[]

admiralambassadorauthorcaptaindoctoreditorThought admiralzan

Other references[]

anemoneapple juiceArgelian nine-layer cocktailBabel ConferencesBattlecruiser VengeancebrandychessDinartian poisonDissolution BabelThe Final Reflectiongel pastrygrape juicekafeiklin zhalatrunculoorange juicepineapple juiceprune juiceranksalt fishTaotharavul • "Undefeated" • "The Vengeance Flies at Morning" • weaponwhitefangwhitefang steakyear


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  • In August 1999, this novel was reprinted as Book 1 of the Star Trek: Worlds Apart miniseries along with How Much for Just the Planet?. In 2004, it was reprinted with the TNG novel: Kahless as the Signature Edition book The Hand of Kahless.
  • Published in 1984, this makes use of the timeline, events, and ships of the Spaceflight Chronology and the FASA RPG, and predates much material developed for later movies and series, which leads to some difficulties in adapting it to the now-canon chronology. For example, the relative ages of Spock and McCoy, with Spock about eight years older, stem from the best estimates of the time, but have since been superseded by later canon references.
  • It is stated in the novel that at least ten years have passed since the signing of the Organian Peace Treaty, placing the framing story sometime later than 2277. If the dating relative to the Sentry/Devisor incident is accurate, the framing story is in 2283 or 2284. However, the situations presented in the framing story do not match other events of 2277, 2283, or 2284. Calibrating the FASA/SFC timeline to a canonical timeline instead would place the framing story some time in the late 2270s, and the main events throughout the 2230s.
  • The Prologue establishes that in its "current year", a book was published called The Final Reflection, by an author called J.M. Ford. This device was used in similar ways in Mudd's Angels, Strangers from the Sky and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The main body of the novel is a work of historical fiction in-universe, with events told by Krenn to Tagore to Ford, and misremembered facts, artistic license and Starfleet classification potentially explaining any contradictions.




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German : Der letzte Schachzug, translated by Andreas Brandhorst. (Heyne)

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