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Introduction (blurb)

IN A SINGLE MOMENT...the lives of three men will be forever changed. In that split second, defined paradoxically by both salvation and loss, they will destroy the world and then restore it. Much has come before , and much more would come after, but nothing would color their lives more than that one, isolated incident on the edge of forever.

IN A SINGLE MOMENT...Spock, displaced in time, watches his closest friend heed his advice by allowing the love of his life to die in a tragic accident, thereby preserving Earth's history. Returning to the present , however, Spock confronts other such crises, and chooses instead to willfully alter the past. Challenged by the thorny demands of his logic, he will have to find a way to face his conflicting decisions.

IN A SINGLE MOMENT...that stays with Spock, he preserved the time line at the cost of Jim Kirk's happiness. Now, the death of that friend will cause Spock to reexamine the fundamental choices he has made for his own life. Unwilling to accept his feelings of loss and regret, he will seek what has previously eluded him: complete mastery of his emotions. But while his quest for perfect geometry of total logic will move him beyond his remorse, another loss will bring him full circle to once more face the fire he has never embraced.




Daniel AldenPaul BatesClifford BrentPavel ChekovMike ClearyDennehyDubinskiFieldsDavid GallowayAmanda GraysonBill HadleyLanitow IrizalEdith KeelerJames T. KirkJohn KyleRyan LeslieTel Venatil LissLeonard McCoyTel Renavir MoratMark PiperRa-ghoratreiiRinsitSarekMontgomery ScottCarissa SiddonDoran SlocumbBarbara SmithSpockHikaru SuluTakayamaTambolineTelskThelinAlexandra TremontaineT'VoraNyota UhuraVektanWilson
Referenced only
AzetburElizabeth DehnerMahatma GandhiGorkonMattea HahnLeila KalomiLee KelsoGary MitchellHelen NoelPelfreyChristopher PikeSarekT'saiM'Umbha UhuraLura bn Zel

Starships and vehicles

airpodUSS Constellation (Constitution-class) • USS ConstitutionDarwin (shuttlecraft) • USS DefiantUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-AUSS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • USS FarragutSS GlasgowUSS RepublicSS Valiant


Akrelt CanyonAkrelt RefugeAlandros CavesAlonisAltair VIAnkannerAntares Fleet YardsAntares systemAquarius FormationCrystalline TrenchDelta VegaEarthEglantineEpsilon CanarisEpsilon Canaris IIIFederation EmbassyKhitomerLingashaMarcos XIINelestraNew DakarNew York Public LibraryNorpin VNorpin colonyNotes on the WaterOphiucus IIIOreltePandroPil StornomPlain of Lost AntiquitiesPointed PeaksPraxisQo'noSRiakin SanctuaryRigel IIRigel IVStarbase 20StockholmStygian IIISwedenT'Lona SanctuaryT'PaalVelluriusVel'SorVoroth SeaVulcan

Races and cultures

AlonisAltair VI nativeAntosianFrunalianHumanKlingonOtevrelPandriliteRigelian ChelonoidRomulanScalosianVulcan
Referenced only
Humpback whaleKoltaari

States and organizations

Bureau of Interplanetary AffairsDiplomatic InstituteFederation CouncilFederation StarfleetKlingon EmpireRistoche Foundation for Scientific ResearchStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet MedicalStarfleet OperationsUnited Federation of PlanetsUniversity of Alpha Centauri

Science and technology

alienanalgesicatmospherebioluminescencebutterfly effectCetacean Probecloudcommunicatorcordrazinedata slateearpieceelectronenergyfalloutforce fieldgas gianthourglasshyposprayintercomionlava flowlightliquidlithiumlithium-cracking stationmechanical rice pickerminutemuriniteneutron radiationnictitating membraneoxygenozonephaser rifleplasmapoisonrainrefitretinarubindiumsecurity scanThe Shiftspacespeakerspotlightstarstarshipstimulanttelekinesistelepathytimetime traveltransportertransporter platformtropospherewarp driveweather

Ranks and titles

admiralaideambassadorartistassistantcadetcaptainchancellorChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechief medical officerchief science officerchief of staffChief of Starfleet OperationsdirectorFederation consulFederation special envoyfirst officerfleet captainhelmsmaninstructormusiciannavigatoroperatorpetty officerpresidentPresident of the United Federation of Planetsreceptionistsecond officertechniciantouristVulcan masterwaiterwarrioryeoman

Other references

1930228520th centuryAltair waterapartmentassassinationbookshelfbridgecafécanvasceramic potchaircheesecitycorridordaydecadedecommissiondeskemotionempireextinctionFederation Standardfishfruitgesparglassgovernmenthangar deckhistoryhomeworldinletlakelanding partylanguageLewis and Clark Corps of Discovery CrosslogiclooLot-san-kolmain engineeringmammalmeditationmilitarymonthmoonmuseummusicnightcapobservation deckofficepaintingparklandplanetplatterred winerel-san-vekreptilianretirementsculptureseal of the FederationsickbayskyscrapersoltarsongsoulsteeltableteaterraceuniformVulcan spice teawaterweekwhalewhale songwinewoodyear


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