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Introduction (blurb)

Beyond the borders of the Federation, Kirk must bring peace and security to the final frontier. His new mission: to defend an isolated human colony on a newly discovered world, deter aggression from neighboring alien races, and ensure the survival of a brave new Earth!

Belle Terre's stubborn colonists have survived the countless hardships and natural disasters of their new home, only to face a deadly foreign enemy. The alien Kauld, intent on claiming the world's unique resources for their own, are determined to destroy the human settlements at any cost. Months away from any hope of Starfleet reinforcements, the Starship Enterprise is all that stands between Belle Terre and an all-out alien invasion. But Kirk and his valiant crew may not be enough to save the planet from a relentless assault by the ultimate superweapon!


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CelernethLilian CoatesReynold CoatesDeloricGongalenHansonHermanJolleyJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyBaedrick NevilleNialeradNovaEvan PardonnetPaulMontgomery ScottShucorionSpockHikaru SuluTenowethTerwolanThomsenWilliam ThorpeNyota UhuraVellyngaithYanorada
Referenced only
Kaylene BrandonWerner HeisenbergRyan HughesKertenoldNathanP'tarShayla

Starships and vehicles

BeaterUSS EnterpriseKauld battleship (battleship) • long-range shuttleTonclinZavada


Belle TerreNaresidan

Races and cultures

Blood ManyHumanKauldVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations


Science and technology

acceleratorairairlockalienatmosphereboltbonebraincablecarbon dioxidecentimetercomputercouplingdispenserdisruptorDNAenergyengineengine housingengine mounteyelidflashlightforce fieldgeneratorgun turrethairHeisenberg bafflehelical couplinghelixhouriceidiopathiclightlight-daymachinerymicrochipminutemirrormoleculemusclenavigation computernervenervous systemnewtonparallelogramparticleplasma-flow couplingreactorrhosleepsolidspacespacesuitspringsteering jetsubdermal hematomathermal damperthumb switchtimetoilettoothtorque amplifiertracking sensoruniverseviewscreenwrench

Ranks and titles

assistantcaptaindeserterdoctorengineergirlfriendgunnerhall monitorminerpilotprincipalscientistsingerspy

Other references

access hatchalarmanthembantarbeddingbookbunkcafeteriacakecargo baycatcatwalkcemeteryclothingcollarcolonycometcursedaydessertdormengine roomengineeringevasive maneuversfolksonggame of chanceglassGorsonian zoolgovernmenthangarhexiejokeknifeLoch Lomondloungemeatmetalmetal gratingmonstermousemugmusicpebblepersonal lockerpillowpipeplanetquartersrockruntshuttle bayskathsnowballsongtechnology • "Teeth of the Tajar" • toolviewportweekwhistlingwire meshyeerid milk


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