The Further Adventures of the Starship Enterprise was a mass-market paperback published in January 1982 by Marvel Comics, part of their Marvel Illustrated Books series. The book reprinted three stories from the Marvel TOS series set in the 2270s.

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  • This collection was unusual in that it reformatted comic book pages panel-by-panel so that text and images could fit legibly on much smaller paperback-sized pages. This meant that only a few panels were printed per page. However, they were reproduced with much higher quality than in the original comics.
  • This volume contained the only English language color reprints of the Marvel TOS series until IDW Publishing's Star Trek Omnibus, Volume 1 collection in 2009. All but the last two stories were reprinted in Great Britain in Future Tense and various magazines, but these were in black and white. Reprints were also serialized in b/w in Strip 82 in Yugoslavia, while color reprints were released in Germany and Sweden.

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