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"The Gale, Part II" is a Star Trek Online short story by Jesse Heinig, with Christine Thompson, appearing in Star Trek Magazine #43. It was an original fiction that focused on the crew of the USS Enterprise-F in a mission story-line. It was the second part of a two-parter story.


Trapped in an icy, underground canyon, Captain Va'Kel Shon and Lieutenant Kyona theorize the Romulans have been attacking the Remans, on T'liss, for the dilithium and decalithium there. Doctor Savel offers himself as a distraction while the plan is to have Shon climb up behind machinery to escape and get help.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise catches up with the Reman ships just outside the Chiron system, intent on aiding them as a reason to be in the area. V'liir hails and demands they not interfere in internal affairs, but Commander Winters maintains that aiding and protecting any vessels engaged in aid operations is part of the Federation charter. After a quick exchange of fire, the Romulan D'deridex-class warbirds cloak away.

Back on T'liss, Doctor Savel engages in a telepathic lock with the Reman guard, knocking both of them out. The distraction is enough for Shon to escape and brave the harsh cold of the surface. After an invigorating but reflective trek through the snow and an iced lake, with thoughts of the Enterprises legacy, Shon finally reaches the Federation colony. The colony is protected by an environmental dome.

Shon is returned the Enterprise-F, where he plans to convince the Federation colony and the Remans to work together before the Romulans can destabilize the situation further. After some convincing, through returning to the surface, and collaboration, the Federation and Remans produce a sample of dilithium ore-- only, the ore is found to be flawed.

With the two colonies resuming a sullen silence, the Enterprise detects a Romulan science vessel decloaking at the edge of the system, and jumping to warp back to Romulan space-- the Romulans having bought the "little show". The ore is, in fact, not flawed, and now the Federation colony has enough to time to finish work on its dome and shields. With those aspects in progress, plus the hope of Starfleet installing a listening post, the Romulans will be seen coming, way ahead of time, for the next round. Shon surmises the Federation colony and the Remans need each other for the time being. The Enterprise prepares to move on and leave the system.

Memorable quotes[]

"We have to figure out a way to make a distraction."
Va'Kel Shon

"Sir, the Romulans are hailing us again. They're warning us not to interfere in this internal dispute."
Jirelle Kav



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