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  • First officer's personal log, Supplemental 
    I have decided to maintain our position in the hope that Captain Picard can outwit Q, as he's done in the past.
    But, I must admit, if only to myself, the possibility that the captain will finally run out of ways to deal with this super-being.
    And even if he does manage to outmaneuver his adversary once again... Will Q abide by the rules of whatever game he's invented? Or will hegive in to a whim-- and make the captain pay the price?

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Beverly CrusherWesley CrusherDataGuinanGeordi La ForgeLanzaChristine PicardClaude Picard Jr.Claude Picard Sr.Jean-Luc PicardQWilliam RikerDeanna TroiWorfYvonne
Referenced only 
Julius CaesarAdolf Hitler

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USS Enterprise-D

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GendarmeQ ContinuumStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets

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  • This story, written before the TNG episode: "Family", establishes an alternate version of the Picard family, with different names than those later establishes, as well as a brother, Claude, who died as a child.
  • John de Lancie is credited as the writer, with Michael Jan Friedman receiving an "additional dialogue by" credit.
  • The Q fantasy portions of the story occur in 2332. No date is given for the present-day story, but the DC Comics Timeline gives a stardate of 43738.8.
  • Lieutenant Worf is incorrectly pictured with Lieutenant Commander rank pips.
  • This comic is collected in The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The Gift was reprinted in seven parts in the UK Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine #16-22.

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