The Great Starship Race was a race of spacegoing vessels that were to travel from Starbase 16 to the planet Gullrey in 2269. The race was organized by the Rey as a celebration of their entry into the United Federation of Planets, and representatives from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants entered the race.

The race was eventually won by the private vessel, New Pride of Baltimore, commanded by Miles Glover X. There was of course some drama from the race, as the Romulan cruiser Red Talon, entered late, with the sole purpose of finding Gullrey and annihilating the planet. Fortunately, the USS Enterprise intervened and no harm was caused. (TOS novel: The Great Starship Race)



Participants in the Great Starship Race (2269)
552-4AlexandriaBlackjacketThe BlimpBluenose IVBrother's KeeperChessieCynthia BlaineDominion of ProximaDrachenfelsEienvenUSS EnterpriseForbearantGavelan StarUSS Great LakesHaunted ForestUSS HoodUSS IntrepidIrimlo SiNew Pride of BaltimoreOzciceRansom CastleRiver of WillSpecificThomas JeffersonUnpardonableValkyrieYtahoYukon University UFP 2260s seal
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