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"The Great Tribble Hunt" is the backup story in New Visions, Issue 4, the fourth issue of John Byrne's Star Trek: New Visions comic series. It was published on December 17, 2014.

In this story, Captain Koloth and the crew of the IKS Gr'oth fight tribbles.


John Byrne continues his new Star Trek photonovel adventures with "Made Out of Mudd"—Harry Mudd has gotten under Jim Kirk's skin before, but never quite like this… alien artifacts, Klingons, and a mad man's schemes add up to headaches for the captain and his crew. All that, plus tribbles!


On day 273 of their campaign to wipe out the tribbles, the IKS Gr'oth arrives in orbit of the Tribble homeworld. One landing party kills 5,000 tribbles, but soon discover vast habitats of them in underground caverns that are difficult to get to. Captain Koloth reports to Kor that the tribbles breed faster than they can be killed, but Kor insists that the emperor wants them eradicated. Koloth uses seven quantum bombs to glass the planet to oblivion. (Similar to Starfleet's general order 24.)



KolothKorKoraxunnamed Klingons
Referenced only
Emperor of the Klingon EmpireCyrano JonesQuark

Starships and vehicles

IKS Gr'oth (D7-class Klingon battlecruiser)


Tribble homeworld (the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant)
Referenced only
Deep Space 9 (space station) • Sherman's Planet

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Klingon Defense ForceKlingon Empire

Science and technology

bombKlingon disruptorquantum bombtransporter

Ranks and titles

captainKlingon ranksrank

Other references

bridgecavegalaxyKlingon uniformslogmileparasiteplanetQuark'suniform



  • According to Koloth's log, the story took place on the 273rd day of their tribble-hunting mission, which presumably began not long after the events of TOS episode: "The Trouble with Tribbles".

Production history

17 December 2014
Originally printed in New Visions, Issue 4 (IDW Publishing)
June 2015
Reprinted in the omnibus New Visions, Volume 2 (IDW Publishing)
28 September 2017
Reprinted in hardcover in the Graphic Novel Collection premium subscription photonovel #1 (Eaglemoss)



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