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James T. Kirk is on leave after the ISS Farragut encountered a "vampire cloud" and most of the crew was killed, all at Kirk's behest. Kirk uses his time off to gather information about Christopher Pike, captain of the ISS Enterprise, in order to assassinate him and gain command of the Enterprise. With the help of Spock and Marlena Moreau, Kirk learns that Pike is under the influence of the Talosians. Also as part of his leave, Kirk is forced to get a mental evaluation, so he goes to the Tantalus colony to have his old friend Simon Van Gelder provide him with one. While on the colony, Kirk gains control of the Tantalus device. Kirk then uses this device to assassinate Pike and Number One, gaining command of the Enterprise for himself and the first officer's position for Spock, who then lead the Enterprise againt the Talosians, killing them, ironically by destroying the planet's oxygen.



Tristan AdamsPhillip BoyceJames T. KirkMarlena MoreauChristopher PikeSpockSimon Van GelderTalosian Magistrate
Referenced only 
Dikironium cloud creatureSean FinneganStephen GarrovickGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.J. Mia ColtNumber OneVinaOscar Wilde

Starships and vehicles

ISS Enterprise
Referenced only 
ISS Farragut


Starfleet AcademyStarfleet HeadquartersTalos IVTantalus colony
Referenced only 
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Races and cultures

Dikironium cloud creatureKlingonOrionTalosianTerranVulcan

States and organizations

Bureau of Mental HygieneImperial StarfleetStarfleet CommandTerran Empire
Referenced only 
Imperial Senate of the Terran Empire

Ranks and titles

captainCommander-in-Chief of the Imperial Starfleetdoctorfirst officerLieutenantlieutenant commander

Other references

agonizeragony boothchesscoderegggoldlatinummartiniphasertelepathyThe Picture of Dorian GraySaurian brandyTantalus devicetransporterZ-Magnees Prize


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  • The TOS comic: "Mirror Images" depicts an alternate account of how Kirk took command of the Enterprise.
  • TOS episode: "The Cage"- This story tells of the events of "The Cage" as they happened in the mirror universe.
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