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Before he was an officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise...

Geordi La Forge has been given the chance of his lifetime! He's been chosen to join the training vessel Benjamin Franklin as assistant engineer, an opportunity rarely given to plebes. Geordi is determined to live up to Commander Sanchez's expectations. Their mission is to chart a neglected sector of the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. That night, Sanchez calls up a history of the old starship and Ben's first commander, the heroic Ike Ikushima, who died after saving his crew from disaster. The next night Geordi sees Ikushima's ghost, arm raised, pointing directly at him! When he tells Sanchez, everyone begins to doubt Geordi's reliabiility... until the ghost reappears, pointing a warning finger at them all!

What does it mean? Is the ship haunted? Is it an alien invasion? The cadets are about to make history themselves -- if they escape with their lives!




Hassan el-DallalGeordi La ForgeManningSiobhan McKennaBernado SanchezTrennek Sann
Referenced only 
BrownRobert DePalmaBilly DevilIwasaki IkushimaMalakeh

Starships and vehicles

USS Benjamin Franklin (Daedalus-class training vessel) • USS Independence (Ambassador-class) • USS Ohio (Excelsior-class)


3300002 MalakehCeresCeresvilleJupiterMarsSol asteroid belt

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Federation StarfleetStarfleet Academy

Science and technology

impulse reactorminingPioneer 10radiationstarship

Ranks and titles

cadetcaptainchief engineercommandercommunications officerfirst officerengineerminernavigatorpirate

Other references

asteroidasteroid beltBattle of the Beltghosthistoryself destructyear


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