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Q wakes up to find himself without his powers and with a young Lwaxana Troi, who believes he is her husband Ian Andrew Troi and they are on their honeymoon. Although slightly bemused, Q ends up playing along with it.

Q then finds himself as Jack Crusher onboard the Stargazer during the Battle of Maxia. When Picard orders the destruction of the already crippled Ferengi starship, Q is unable to carry out the order. He then finds himself in the courtroom from his first encounter with the Enterprise crew, with Wesley as judge, and is pronounced guilty.

Q ends up in the company of the Traveler and admits to him that humans are a remarkable race. Wesley observes the conversation from a distance: He has been testing Q at the request of the Continuum to see how he has been changed by his encounters with humanity. The values Q has learned will now be used to inspire all Q.

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Wesley CrusherJean-Luc PicardQThe TravelerLwaxana TroiWilson
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Jack CrusherKathryn JanewayIan Andrew Troi

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Stargazer (Constellation-class cruiser)


Races and cultures[]

FerengiHumanQ (species)

States and organizations[]

Q Continuum

Other references[]

Battle of Maxia



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