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The IDIC Epidemic is a Star Trek: TOS novel by Jean Lorrah.


IDIC - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. More than just a simple credo, for those of the planet Vulcan it is the cornerstone of their philosophy.
Now, on the Vulcan Science Colony Nisus, that credo of tolerance is being put to its sternest test. For here, on a planet where Vulcan, Human, Klingon, and countless other races live and work side by side, a deadly plague has sprung up. A plague whose origins are somehow rooted in the concept of IDIC itself. A plague that threatens to tear down that centuries-old maxim and replace it with an even older concept:
Interstellar war.



ArthurBorthVincent BrightChristine ChapelChevronCorcoranDaniel CorriganBeau DeaverEmily FlorrenceGardensAmanda GraysonHensonKarlKeskiKevinJames T. KirkKorsalGeoffrey M'BengaNelsonLeonard McCoyOlagSarekSatatMontgomery ScottSeelaSendetSnilSorelSpockStolosHikaru SuluSurakTherianT'KarT'MirT'PinaJohn TreadwellT'SeanT'VetNyota UhuraWalenskiJurgen WarnerZiona
Referenced only
ChangDekrixCatherine PatemchekSertogSornT'LinT'ParT'ZanThorvenZefat

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise


KlinzhaiNisusNisus Civic CenterNisus Science ColonySerbaniaStarbase MI-17VulcanVulcan ColoniesVulcan Colony 5Vulcan Colony 9Vulcan Space Central

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

Nisus CouncilVulcan Academy of SciencesVulcan High Council

Other references[]

ahn-woonCoriolanusIDICKatraklin zhalirpaNisus Plaguepon farrsehlat


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Previous novel:
How Much for Just the Planet?
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The Yesterday Saga, Book 2: Time for Yesterday
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Previous Adventure:
The Vulcan Academy Murders
Pocket Next Adventure:
First, Do No Harm
Previous Adventure:
The Vulcan Academy Murders
Voyages of the
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
(2264 to 2270)
Next Adventure:
A Private Little War

German : Die UMUK-Seuche, translated by Andreas Brandhorst. (Heyne)
Portuguese : I.D.I.C. (Editora Aleph)

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