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The Jackal's Trick is the second book in the Star Trek: Prey trilogy by author John Jackson Miller. It is due to be released 25 October 2016.

Publisher's description[]

Continuing the milestone 50th anniversary celebration of Star Trek—an epic new trilogy that stretches from the events of The Original Series movie The Search for Spock to The Next Generation!
The Klingon-Federation alliance is in peril as never before. Lord Korgh has seized control of the House of Kruge, executing a plot one hundred years in the making. The Klingon cult known as the Unsung rampages across the stars, striking from the shadows in their cloaked Birds-of-Prey. And the mysterious figure known as Buxtus Cross launches a scheme that will transform the Klingon Empire forever.
Into danger flies Admiral William T. Riker and the USS Titan, charged with protecting the peace forged nearly a century before during the Khitomer Accords. Aided by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise, Riker and his officers scour the stars, seeking to find the Unsung and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy before time runs out.
Yet even as Commander Worf departs on a deeply personal mission of honor, hidden sinister forces seek to turn the crisis to their advantage. And the conspirators’ plans threaten to spiral out of control, jeopardizing the very empire they aspire to rule.


Korgh arranges for Kersh, the one remaining member of Kruge's family, to represent the Klingons at the conference on H'atoria, then instructs Cross, who is still posing as Kruge, to have the Unsung take over the conference venue and plant a bomb. The plan goes wrong when the Breen and Kinshaya representatives pull out suddenly, resulting in a fight breaking out both on the surface and in space, while the bomb is removed by the Titan crew.

The Enterprise uses the situation to beam Worf onto one of the Phantom Wing ships, where he is befriended by a girl named Sarken, whose father was killed at Thane, and given a measure of freedom by the ship's captain, Zodak, who was discommendated for allegedly running from the Khitomer massacre.

Korgh explains his endgame to Cross: He intends to have the Klingons leave the Khitomer Accords and instead become a leading member of the Typhon Pact. Cross has his own plan, to study the clone Kahless and then impersonate the returned Kahless the Unforgettable. However, Kahless escapes from his cell.

Korgh has Cross fake Kruge's death after ordering the Unsung to head for Ghora Janto. He then sends his son Lorath to ambush them with information he claims to have got from Kruge's files, intending for him to be hailed a hero for wiping them out. However, the ambush falls apart: Lorath alerts the Titan and Enterprise against Kruge’s instructions, the Romulans and Breen turn up unexpectedly and Worf warns the Unsung about Korgh's control of their ships. Two third of the Unsung are killed but Lorath's ship is destroyed in a suicide run by Zodak. Worf and Sarken are rescued by Valandris as the surviving Unsung escape.

At the same time, Tuvok and LaForge work out the connection with Ardra and track Cross’ ship, the Blackstone . Before they can apprehend him, however, they are interrupted by Korgh's grandson, Bredak, who was sent by him to wipe out his former conspirators as pirates. Cross is killed by his Orion assistant Shift who was actually working for the Breen: They destroy Bredak's ship and take control of the Blackstone.

The Unsung are about to put Worf to death when they are interrupted by the clone of Kahless, who takes control of the situation.



USS Enterprise-E personnel
Corinne ClipetBeverly CrusherRavel DyganRennan KonyaGeordi La ForgeAngela MoranJean-Luc PicardAneta ŠmrhováWorf, son of Mogh
USS Excelsior personnel
Janice RandHikaru SuluTuvok
Referenced only 
Dmitri Valtane
USS Titan
Olivia BolajiDennisarRanul KeruEthan KyzakAili LavenaOnntaMelora PazlarWilliam T. RikerDalit SaraiSsuraDeanna TroiTuvokChristine ValeXaatix
Referenced only 
Natasha Riker-TroiT'Pel
Other Starfleet personnel
AggadakLeonard James Akaar
Referenced only 
Jonathan ArcherFennoJames T. KirkMiles O'Brien
House of Kruge
Bredak, son of LorathKersh, daughter of DakhKorgh, son of ToravLorath, son of KorghOdrok
Referenced only 
KaasKrugeTengor, son of KorghTragg, son of Korgh
Referenced only 
Other Klingons
Ernor, son of GlakHar'tokKahless, son of KahlessAlexander RozhenkoTrokaj
Referenced only 
AlbinoAzetburGlakGorkonKahless the UnforgettableKaasinMartokMoghMorathPotokQolkatUnarrhValkris
Circle of Jilaan
11101111BezzalBuxtus CrossGawJilaanLallabusT'shantra (N'Keera • Shift)
Referenced only 
Other characters
Curzon DaxGaloyaTocatraUrawakVartEmil Yorta
Referenced only 
AphroditeBagheeraBaras RodiryaBlackstoneCeniseDevilFortarGregorW.C. HandyHarry HoudiniLeotisAbraham LincolnLittle EgyptJohn Milton • NiamlarRa-ghoratreiiHelena RozhenkoSergei RozhenkoShinzonSpockSurakKellesar zh'TarashHoward ThurstonTrelaneIrene WorrellJennie WorrellSophie WorrellYeffir

Starships and vehicles[]

Ark of G'bojBlackstoneBreen battle cruiserPWV Bregit (B'rel-class) • PWV Chu'charq (B'rel-class) • Clarence DarrowIRW D'choak (D'deridex-class) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • escape podUSS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • PWV Garada (B'rel-class) • PWV Gelft (B'rel-class) • IKS Gur'rok (Vor'cha-class), HandyHoudiniIKS Jarin (B'rel-class) • PWV Kaanz (B'rel-class) • PWV Kradge • (B'rel-class) • PWV Latorkh (B'rel-class) • PWV Rodak (B'rel-class) • PWV T'khaz (B'rel-class) • USS Titan (Luna-class)
Referenced only 
Barge of the DeadDinskaarEnterprise (NX-01)USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-DUSS PhoenixUSS VoyagerUSS Wyoming


Atogra systemAzure NebulaBeta QuadrantChelvatus III (Kurabak) • Cragg's CloudGhora JantoH'atoria (Spirits' Forge) • Hromi ClusterKetorix Prime (House of Kruge Industrial Compound) • Lankal ExpanseOmicron LankalQo'noS (Great Hall) • Starbase 24 (Research and Development Depot) • Yongolor (Temple of the Gods)
Referenced only 
BorethBriar PatchCabeusCygnet IVDelta QuadrantEarth (ChicagoFranceMemphis (Beale Street) • San Francisco (The Grotto NymphWorrell's Olympic) • Salamis) • ElasGamaralGamma HromiGamma QuadrantGaradius IVGaskoGreat BarrierHyralan sectorJanalwaKhitomerNausicaaNo'Var OutpostNorth StarOvirian homeworldRisaRomulus (Beraldak Bay) • ShanzibarStarbase 1Starbase 11Sto-vo-korThaneThionogaVentax IIWolf 359

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 
AndorianBolianChangelingCytherianExcalbianGorn • Human (Greek) • HunterSelsseressSolanaeTholianTzenkethiVentaxian

States and organizations[]

Breen ConfederacyBreen Intelligence DirectorateCircle of JilaanHoly Order of the KinshayaHouse of KrugeKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CommandPhantom WingRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetTyphon PactUnited Federation of PlanetsUnsung/vo'ruv'etlh
Referenced only 
cha'maH/Mempa TwentyGorn HegemonyHouse of DurasOffice of Infidel RelationspoliceScience Institute of Mempa VStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceTal ShiarTholian AssemblyTzenkethi Coalition

Science and technology[]

absorption nebulaammoniaannular confinement beamantiaircraft weaponantigravartificial gravityBendii syndromeBinary starblack holeblue main-sequence starbreathing maskcarbon monoxideCelsiuscloaking devicecloaking fieldcombadgecommunicatorcontact lenscosmic background noisedeflector shielddilithiumdisruptordisruptor cannonDNAduraniumdynamic fractal equationemissionenvironmental suitfeverforcefieldfrequencygeology harmonicholographyhyposprayimaging chamberinfectionminiature holo-force-fieldnitrogenoptical data network relaypaddpatrol satellitephoton torpedoplasma conduitproboscissatellitesensorsensor ghostshieldshield generatorsound wavestealth positioning systemstomachsubspacesubspace continuumsubspace emittertachyon detection gridtelepathytharkak'ratransmitter arraytransportertransporter inhibitortricordertritaniumulcerVISORwarp corewarp drivewhite dwarf

Ranks and titles[]

agentambassadorassistant chief medical officercaptainChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechief effects specialistchief engineerchief medical officerchief petty officercivil engineerclericcommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcon artistconspiracy theoristcounselordoctorDohlmanEmperor of the Klingon EmpireensignenvoyFallen LordFederation Ambassador to the Klingon Empirefirst officerFirst Secretary for the Office of Infidel Relationsfleet admiralflight controllergeneralgin'takglinnhunterillusionistIllusionist Magnusintelligence officerjunior officerlawyerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlifterlordmagicianmedicmerchantminernannyoperations officerpilotpiratePontifex Maxima of the Holy Order of the KinshayaPresident of the United Federation of Planetsprotocol officerrear admiralscience officerSecond Secretary for the Office of Infidel Relationssector commandersecurity officerSentry of Spirits' Forgesewage engineersnipertax collectorthottradertransporter chieftruthcrafter

Other references[]

18651893193323rd centuryabsintheAmerican Civil WarAncient WestAnnals of the Circleapplearmoryattack pattern gamma fourbackpackbamboo flutebat'lethBattle of SlamisBattle of Wolf 359bazaarbloodwinebluesBorg Invasion of 2381bourbonbox canyonbrigbucketbucklecanteencatwalkCentury of Progress/The Chicago World's Fairchainchimneychimpanzeecitrusclothcoatcoffeecoiled stoneflowerA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Courtcotcouplercourt-martialcurtsyd'k tahgdaisThe Death of K'pashdeitydemagoguerydeuterium fuel storagedeuterium minediscommendationDominion WardunselestateFederation Judicial CodeFerris wheelfurnacegagh gemgeyserglovegym baggorbakkagrand pianoguards wormH'atorian Conferencehumidityhumpback whaleshutIndian fakirinterstellar relationsinterviewjacketJefferies tubejumpsuitjazzkerchiefKhitomer AccordsKhitomer MassacrekilnKlingon Civil WarKlingon operaKudao MassacrekurabakaladderlavaThe Last to FalllatinumMauk-to'Vormay'qochvanmediamek'lethmess hallmevakmirrorMorath's fistmugThe Mystical Manifestations of Jilaan Before the Kinshaya, 2293netnewspaperoceanofficer's cluboperations centerordnancePeter Panpince-nezplayplaying cardspokerpon farrqajunpaQqeS'a'ragraktajinorationrefueling stationRomulan aleroperosesandwichsarkensatchelscrollThe Second Jungle Booksewer pitshirtstorage compartmentSnake Charmer Song/The Streets of Cairo/Poor Little Country Maidspringstellar cartographystonetableTakedown Incidenttapestrytigerthermal blankettorva luq do SelTreaty of Algerontrombonetrophytrouserturkey vulturevestvItvolewhistlewild cardWorld's Colombian Exposition/World's FairYear of Prayeryokezikka'glegzone-tailed hawk


Kruge attempted to steal the secrets of Project Genesis


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