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"The Jihad" was the first season finale of Star Trek: The Animated Series, airing during the week of 12 January 1974. The episode was written by Stephen Kandel, directed by Hal Sutherland and novelized in Log Five by Alan Dean Foster.


VHS teaser
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock join a team of aliens trying to recover a sculpture containing the soul of their spiritual leader before a Holy War breaks out.


The USS Enterprise was summoned to a Vedala asteroid, where a Vedala briefed Kirk and Spock about a threat to the galaxy. Skorr Prince Tchar explained that a sacred artifact was stolen, one that would incite a vengeful galactic war if the general population of his homeworld found out about it. The Soul of Alar artifact had been tracked to the Mad Planet, a geologically unstable world where three expeditionary forces sent by the Vedala were lost. The fourth team would consist of Kirk, Spock, avian Tchar, tracker Lara, reptilian Sord, and lockpick Em/3/Green.

The team materialized on the Mad Planet with provisions and an all-terrain vehicle. The artifact's indurite composition was quickly located by scanner before planetary conditions overloaded it. Since Lara had seen it, her infallible sense of direction would serve to guide them. The team faced wildly changing climates and hostile terrain en route, and were forced to burn out their vehicle's engine to evade lava from erupting volcanoes. They pressed ahead on foot until they came across a locked Skorr temple.

As Em/3/Green picked the complex lock, flying robot sentinels captured Tchar. Inside, the team located the missing artifact floating out of reach within a force field. Kirk suspected a traitor had killed the other teams, and called out Tchar, who flew into view above them. Tchar congratulated them on getting them this far, but revealed himself to be an insane zealot who conspired to lead his brethren to battle, even if his war wiped out his people. He engaged a gravity neutralizer to give his teammates a good death, so they could combat him in the air. Fighting in zero-g, Kirk and Spock were eventually able to grab hold of Tchar and the artifact, then request recovery.

The team rematerialized on the Vedala asteroid, with Tchar now sealed within a clear container. The Vedala thanked them for their service, which had to remain secret for the good of the Skorr, and promised to cure Tchar of his insanity. When Kirk and Spock beamed back to the Enterprise, only a couple of minutes had elapsed, allowing them to provide a cover story that nothing had happened.



Episode characters

Em/3/GreenJames T. KirkLaraMontgomery ScottSpockSordHikaru SuluTcharVedala
Referenced only
AlarSeven Gods

Novelization characters

Arex Na EthEm/3/GreenJames T. KirkJohn KyleLaraMontgomery ScottSordHikaru SuluTcharVedala
Referenced only
AlarLeonard McCoySeven Gods

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Vedala cartunnamed Alpha and Beta Quadrant starships


bridgethe galaxyMad Planettransporter roomVedala asteroid
Referenced only
DenmarkEarthengineeringsickbaySkorrStarfleet HeadquartersTaurean systemTerratin

Races and cultures

GnalishHumanNasatSkorrEdosian or TriexianVedalaVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

FederationStarfleetStarfleet Headquarters

Science and technology

belt lightcartographycompact drive systemcomputerelevatorengineenergy cellforce fieldgravity neutralizerhologramimage projectornavigational computerphaserpistolrobottransportertridee tapeviewscreenwheel

Materials and substances


Ranks and titles

ambassadorapostlecaptaincommanderFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)first officerhelmsmanhunterhuntresslieutenantmaster of the Eyriemechanicnavigatorpicklockprincescience officerslaveStarfleet ranksteacherthieftransporter chiefwarrior

Other references

alienanimalappleassignment patchatmosphereaye-ayebatbirdboulderbrainbushidocabincaptain's log, USS Enterprise, 2269carnivorecenturyciliacity burrowClass-A Security Prime OrdercoordinatescratercyclonedaydilithiumdinosaurdolldragonearthquakeenergyfalconfortressgargoyleglaciergovernmentgrasshistoryhomeworldhumanoidinsectjihadKelvinkillbootlog entrylogicmedalmetermillenniaminutemonkey wrenchmonsoonmoonmountainmushroomnull-gravity combat exercisesparsecphilosophyplanetoidplanetplantpyrrhic victoryquadrantraces and culturesreptilerockropeseal-tarpsecondsectorshovelSoul of Alarspacespatial equatorspiderstarStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)starshipsuicidetempletentacletreeuniversevegetablevolcanowarwormyearzero-g


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  • It was titled simply "Jihad".
  • As he was unaware how Tchar would be visualized, author Alan Dean Foster described Skorr wings as bat-like.
  • The Vedala asteroid was a self-propelled, terraformed homeship. Foster revisited the concept in his novel-length adaptation of "The Eye of the Beholder", in which propulsion systems drove six moons of Boqu II alongside the Enterprise for an unusual excursion outside the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • The all-terrain vehicle came with a retractable canopy. For much of the trip, Sord walked rather than squeeze his bulky frame into the vehicle.
  • Instead of Spock falling out of the vehicle, as seen in the episode, he had hastily climbed out when it stalled to fix a broken seal. It suddenly lurched away without him, leaving him sprawled on the ground.
  • Tchar's talons gashed Kirk's chest and drew blood during their personal combat in zero-g, but Kirk was returned to the Vedala asteroid fully healed and rested.




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