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Introduction (blurb)[]

Timshel was once the vacation spot of the galaxy, full of culture, natural beauty, and friendly, hospitable inhabitants. But now Timshel has cut itself off from the universe. No one is allowed to enter or leave. Concerned, the Federation has sent agents to investigate, but none have returned.

Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise are shocked to discover the truth: the people of Timshel have succumbed to an insidious new technology that guarantees every citizen total pleasure, a soul-destroying ecstasy that has enslaved their entire civilization. Kirk and Spock have faced many threats before, but now they face the most seductive menace of all: perfect happiness.

And the rest of the Federation may soon fall under the irresistible control of the Joy Machine.


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Miriam AchebeSam ChangEmanuel De KreefDanielle Du MolinFrankLinda JimenezArne JohannsenJames T. KirkLintzmanJoy MachineKemal MaroukMareen MaroukNoelle MaroukTandy MaroukLeonard McCoyPacoMontgomery ScottSpockJawaharlal SrinivasanHikaru SuluNyota UhuraStallone WolffGregor Zworykin
Referenced only 
AdamAlexander the GreatApolloBuddhaCharles DarwinEveJesusMichelangeloEdna St. Vincent MillayOdysseusPeter PanWilliam ShakespearePraxiteles Timshel

Starships and vehicles[]

boatUSS EnterpriseNautilus (submarine)


Athensthe galaxyGarden of EdenGreeceJerichoKartha IVRomeStarbase 12TimshelTimshel City

Races and cultures[]

Human (Viking) • Vulcanwampus

States and organizations[]

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technology[]

airalienanimalAsimov compensatoratomic bombbraincarrier wavechronometerclimatecomputercomputer viruselectrodeendorphinFederation Standard Timefossil fuelgalaxygas giantgravityholographic cubeinfluenzanarcoticneutroniumorbital inclinationpower gridstarstarshipsubspace radiotransporterTuring testuniverseviewscreenwarp drivexenobiology

Ranks and titles[]

agentcaptaindoctorgeologistintelligence agentscientist

Other references[]

apple pieasteroidasteroid beltbiscuitbookbriefing roomcenturycerealchampagnecitycoffeecolonyDark GalaxyDaviddeuteriumfishgardengrapehorsehot fudge sundaeice creamjeansJudas goatlobsterlogicmeditationmeteoritemilkminingmonthmoonnectaroakorange juicephilosophyplanetpolicePrime Directiveratscience fictionsoilstatuesteakstrawberrytapetoasttransporter roomtritiumtunicuniversityvacationvacation resortVenus of Meloswaterwireheadyear


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