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The Key Collection is a series of omnibuses printed by Checker Book Publishing Group collecting together issues of Gold Key Comics' Star Trek series from the 60s and 70s. The series began in 2004 and continued until 2006, collecting the first forty-three Gold Key stories. Plans were announced for two further volumes which would have seen the entire Gold Key series reprinted, but the final two books were never released.


Title Issues Published Image
The Key Collection, Volume 1 Gold Key 1-8 June 2004 Key Collection Volume1.jpg
The Key Collection, Volume 2 Gold Key 9-16 August 2004 Key Collection Volume2.jpg
The Key Collection, Volume 3 Gold Key 17-24 February 2005 Key Collection Volume3.jpg
The Key Collection, Volume 4 Gold 25-28 & 30-33

Issue 29 was originally a reprint of issue 1
November 2005 Key Collection Volume4.jpg
The Key Collection, Volume 5 Gold Key 34, 36 & 38-43
Issues 35 & 37 were originally reprints of earlier issues
February 2006 Key Collection Volume5.jpg
The Key Collection, Volume 6 Gold Key 44 & 46-52

Issue 45 was originally a reprint of issue 7
unreleased KeyCollection6.jpg
The Key Collection, Volume 7 Gold Key 53-69 & 61

The cover listing omits Issue 60: "The Empire Man"
unreleased Key Collection Volume7.jpg

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