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"The Killax Vendetta" was the second of six licensed short stories published by FASA in Stardate Magazine. Written by Christopher Allen in vol.1 #2, this story featured the deadliest living Klingon, Killax the Executioner.


In a bar on Klingon-occupied Arnos IV, rebel Coll agrees to purchase weapons from Klingon Captain Konav in exchange for a quarter of the subArnite's dilithium mining output. The weapons will be used to support a rebellion on the planet and divert dilithium from the Klingon Imperial Fleet. Konav proposes a toast with Romulan ale, but Coll refuses to drink with the Klingon, feeling that the deal was necessary but unfair.

Suddenly a massive presence enters the bar, a towering Klingon that dwarfs Konav. It is Killax, a renowned member of the Klingon Emperor's personal guard, and guarding the exit outside is a fanged Hallan nightrazor. Konav uses his communicator to call for backup from his ship as he watches Killax confront Coll and snap the rebel's spine.

Killax then turns to the traitor Konav, but Konav warns him back with a disruptor, well aware of Killax's legendary unwillingness to use energy weapons. In a swift motion, Killax throws a kligat at Konav's arm, then kills him with a knife.

Now three shock troopers in heavy gear aim disruptors at Killax and warn him back. Killax falls to one knee and in a swift movement disintegrates the men with a personal disruptor cannon hidden on his wrist. Mission accomplished, he whistles twice to the nightrazor and they disappear together into the fog.




Starships and vehicles

IKS Dominator


Arnos IV
Referenced only
Klingon homeworld

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

FederationKlingon EmpireKlingon Imperial Fleet

Science and classification

agonizerbladecannoncommunicatordisruptorguardkligatwarp driveweapon

Ranks and titles

barkeepcaptainEmperor of the Klingon Empireexecutionerminerrebeltraitor

Other references

armorbarbeambloodcantinacatDark Fatesdilithium crystaldogexecutionfogglassHallan nightrazorhunterlegendsmetalmeterminingneonrebellionRomulan ale



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