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"And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me,
'Now you shall die,
Now none shall know.'
And the fool, looking down, believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,
Each one remembering."
It is an ancient Klingon belief – the naked stars remember acts of courage performed under them. Find out why in The Klingons.
A must for players and gamemasters alike, this updated second edition contains two books. The Game Operations Manual presents the truth about the Klingon Empire for the gamemaster and Klingon player characters. Included are character generation rules, equipment guidelines, the Empire's political and economic structure, Klingon philosophy, and much, much more.
The second book, the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual, includes all the information that Star Fleet knows about the Klingon Empire. Compiled from intelligence agents' reports, interrogation, and analysis of captured Klingon equipment, this manual is Star Fleet Intelligence Command's latest briefing on the Federation's most dangerous foe.



Referenced only
Pavel ChekovGarth of IzarE. A. JacobyKadarKag'danKaggaKagran epetai-D'karivKahless epetai-RiskadhKamatoKamtav epetai-JavvicKangKaramark vestai-TrethKarhammurKarvanKassaKassamKeth epetai-RivakiKiltarc zantai-NeygebhJames T. KirkKkorhetzaKolothKomexKonjKorKorobKrugeMaltzDavid MarcusLeonard McCoyMilvi epetai-JavvikGary MitchellRandolph MorrowSaavikSarekMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluSylviaTrelaneNyota UhuraValkris

Starships and vehicles

Referenced only
USS BohrIKV DevisorUSS EnterpriseUSS Flying FortressUSS Grissom (Gagarin-class) • USS Gulliver (Sawyer-class) • K22A-classK22B-classL'SattakMillie SueUSS PhantomUSS SentryUSS Xenophon


AvalAxanarCordensiaDarbvaDarbva Defense ComplexDeathstrike BaseDelta CyannaDelta Khinah IIDelta OrcusDistandaGamma DemetriusDemon's RiftGenesis PlanetH'RennJaakethKahless CityKannagaKantosKargenthKaskallKhal CityKinza D'elmaK'KaarrK'KorranKlingon Neutral ZoneKlinzhaiKobekKodalKolm-anKostnerLothosMastocalMera ZineMustakaNew Khal CityNorthguard Naval BaseOrganiaOrganian Treaty ZonePhillo'tok VQuadrant AlphaQuadrant BetaQuadrant DeltaQuadrant GammaRebonet systemSelta AvastamSheridan's WorldSigma KinnaSilviSinnawa LotosSouthwatchStarbase 10Starbase 12Starbase 20Starbase 22Starbase 23Starbase 27TaamarTaktaT'Dakka VVeroVilliam IIIVulcan (planet)Zonar

Races and cultures

KinshayaKlingon (Imperial Race, Klingon/Human fusion, Klingon/Romulan fusion)
Referenced only
AxanarianHumanJaakKhinahniOrganianOrionPreserver (race)Romulan

States and organizations

Crescent IslandersGorn AllianceHavrk lineImperial CouncilImperial HandsImperial IntelligenceImperial Klingon Star AcademyImperial Klingon StatesImperial MarinesKlingon Diplomatic CorpsKlingon EmpireKlingon Imperial NavyNorthern EmpireOrion ColoniesRomulan Star EmpireTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

agonizeragonizer boothAssault of Nozseca VIIIAttack of Convoy Y-162Battle of AndromedaBattle of ArgeliusBattle of GenmarxBattle of GR-1Battle of Janni IVBattle of Kolm-anBattle of LeaBattle of LyclydunBattle of Rudgur IIIBattle of Sinbad IVBattle of ThranstorBlack Fleetchlortheragencloaking deviceDebacle at GisoDemon Wardilithiumdisruptoremperorfal-tor-panFirst Battle of AxanarFirst Klingon-Romulan TreatyFirst Klingon/Romulan WarFour Years WarGenesis Devicehypothermia capsuleklingonaaseklin zhakomerex zhalaser scalpellev'ekOperation Argus RedoubtOrganian Peace Treatyorganic suturepocket scramblerSecond Battle of AxanarSecond Klingon-Romulan TreatyStar FortressThird Klingon-Romulan TreatyTreaty of Axanaruniversal translatorZhal Sta