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Publisher's description

Soon the torch will be passed to a new generation. But not just yet....

Having saved the Federation one more time in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, Capt. James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise have finally gone their separate ways. Spock, McCoy, Sulu, and the others are spread out across the galaxy, pursuing their own individual destinies -- until an interstellar crisis touches all their lives.

Bored with retirement and ill-suited to teaching at Starfleet Academy, Kirk jumps at the chance to help his nephews colonize an uninhabited planet in a distant corner of the Alpha Quadrant. He even manages to persuade Scotty and Chekov to come along for the ride.

But Kirk soon discovers that the hardy human colonists are not alone on the planet they call Sanctuary. An alien race, of whom little is known, has also established an outpost on Sanctuary for its own mysterious reasons. Suspicious, Kirk investigates, only to discover a terrifying threat that strikes at the security of the entire Federation.

Light-years from Starfleet Command, without a ship or a crew to call his own, Kirk thinks he faces the menace alone. Yet the bonds of loyalty transcend even the awesome distances of space, bringing together a legendary crew for one final, fantastic adventure!

Bridging the gap between two generations of Star Trek motion pictures, The Last Roundup fills in a missing chapter in Star Trek history -- and provides science fiction's greatest heroes with an unforgettable final hurrah.




AzetburChristopher BrownPavel ChekovSkalli JksiliKerlaAlexander KirkAurelan KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.James T. KirkJulius KirkPeter KirkLasskasLeonard McCoyRamon SanchezMontgomery ScottIndira SinghSpockLaura Standing CraneHikaru SuluT'PranNyota Uhura
Referenced only
GodGorkonLu Wang HuSabra LoweJ. Robert OppenheimerSekur


Alpha QuadrantEarthFalorHuanPolluxara IVSanctuaryStarbase 10
Referenced only
Camp KhitomerHellLamariaNormandyPaggaru IIVulcan

Starships and vehicles

IKS Kol'TarghIKS K'Ratortransport vessel

Races and cultures

FalorianHuanniHuman (Native American) • KlingonTalgartVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

AmishFederation Diplomatic CorpsKlingon High CouncilStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technology

alienavianbonecomputerdetonation devicedilithiumenvironmental suitfaceplatehairhandheld phase gunhearthourhumanoidlightmicrobemineralradiationradioactivereptiliansimulation computerstarbasestarshipsurgically alteredtimetonguetorpedouniversal translatoruniversewarp drivewarp factorwind

Ranks and titles

admiraladvisorambassadorbrigadiercadetcaptainchancellorcommanderfreshmaninstructorofficerpersonal advisorscoutstudent

Other references

194422nd centurybookcabinetcardscavecenturycolonyCommand Decisions and Their ConsequencesdaydeathdecadedelegationdialectdiaperdrinkdryadEarth-Romulan WaremotionFall of Lamariafarewell banquetFederation Standardfinal examfizzbingamblingheadpiecehero's burialhistoryhorseinsigniakitchenKobayashi Maru simulationlogicmeditationmess hallmetalminingmining colonymoneymythologynecklaceoutpostpedestalplanetpodiumpokerpop quizprejudicePrime DirectiveQuakerquartersSakerlian spicesemestersenior staffsilversolitairesoulspicewarweaponyear


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