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From the back cover
Major Kira and the ambitious Kai Winn have never seen eye to eye, but when Cardassian renegades invade Deep Space 9, determined to capture one of the sacred Orbs of the Prophets, the two women must work together to preserve both the Orb and the safety of everyone aboard the station.
Captain Sisko and the crew of the Defiant cannot come to Kira's aid; they are too busy teaching an entire world how to fight back against a vicious invasion—even if it means breaking the Prime Directive!



Asta-haJulian BashirNeemak CounselorDalba SinJadzia DaxDukatVincent FieElim GarakJoson WabakKira NerysMigarMirokOdoMiles O'BrienOwena-daPasQuarkRagatBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoTaggartTivva-maTina WeymouthWinn AdamiWorfunnamed Drek'la
Referenced only
Ang-Nak Pungent Halflife Potato-EaterAtheneBarada VaiBenetheasDasaJaras ShieKahless the UnforgettableKilikarriKulakatMarinasaM'theo NiisilNogRald MiranaBram StokerSurakZeus

Starships and vehicles

USS Defiant (Defiant-class) • USS Harriman (Galaxy-class) • USS Mallocskimmer
Referenced only


Bajor (Colonel Gorak Mahak BridgeHeavenward Prayer Spaceport) • Deep Space 9Sierra-Bravo 112Sierra-Bravo 112-II
Referenced only
Cold SeaShakiristi RiverTemple of Kilikarri

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaBajoran ResistanceCardassian UnionDominionLiberatedStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only

Science and technology

atmospherebloodbonecentimetercommunications consolecyanogenenergyexplosivefemurhourhypospraykilometerminutemirrororthopedal stimulatorprobe antennasecondsensor screenstarshipsubspacetibiatimeturbolift

Ranks and titles


Other references

anvilApotheosis of RamnbickettclothingDabo wheelDagger of MaqatatdayFerengi Rule of AcquisitionfoodGlory RoadhammerknifeKolba's toothlatinumNine Stages of the Prophet AmadanOccupation of Bajorplanetplasticratageenarocksaltshakertempletreetree stumpvampirewaterweaponweek



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The Courageous
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The Courageous
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Doctor Bashir, I Presume
Previous Adventure:
The Courageous
Deep Space Nine Adventures Next Adventure:
Doctor Bashir, I Presume
The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2373.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in one other timeframe:
Previous Adventure:
The Courageous
Chapters 1; 6-8; 12 Section 1
Chapters 4 Section 3; Chapter 9 Section 1; Chapter 12 Section 2; Chapter 15 Section 1
Next Adventure:
The Shoulders of Giants
Two: Rayvis

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