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The Light Fantastic

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[[Data]] returns to his home on [[Orion Prime]] to find both [[Lal]] and her companion, an [[Alice series]] android, missing. A message from [[James Moriarty|Professor Moriarty]] reveals that he is responsible and offers to release them if Data can provide him and [[Countess Regina Barthlomew]] with physical bodies.
Moriarty explains to Lal and Alice that the destruction of the [[USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)|''Enterprise''-D]] affected his and Regina's world, wiping their two daughters out of existence. Their programme was transferred to the [[Daystrom Institute]] but a further disruption during [[Flint|Vaslovik's]] raid on the facility saw the rest of their world wiped out.
Data enlists the help of [[Geordi La Forge|Geordi]] and together they contact [[Albert Lee]], an old crewmate now working at the Daystrom Institute, who helps them breach the facility and determine Moriarty and Regina have escaped. Data then begins a series of deceptions with collectors such as [[Harry Mudd]], now aged to the point he needs a mechanical conveyance, and [[Kivas Fajo]] and manages to gain possession of one of the mind transfer devices from [[Exo III]] and a damaged blank template.
Data meets with Moriarty and offers to use the device to transfer Moriarty's mind into his own body. Instead, he tricks Moriarty and places him in a memory cube, where Regina voluntarily joins him. Realising she is expected to return to [[Mudd's World|her home]], Alice attempts to leave by taking Lal hostage but Mudd, who Data and La Forge brought hidden inside the template, orders her to comply.
Some months later, Moriarty leaves a message with Lal, telling Data he and Regina have been given their physical bodies and had their daughters restored.
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